Manaslu and tsum valley

I would like to do Manaslu tsum valley trek anytime from last week of September 2017 to first week of November. I am flexible on number of days but would like it to be at least 22 days. I am good with slow or steady pace. Flexible on accommodations. I have no idea what the budget should be…



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  1. Let me arrange your trekking permit and a guide (If you prefer) need!
    Sharing a guide won’t hurt, it will only help.
    I’ve been trying to bridge the need of a trusted and fun guide for a trekkers to make their trekking more comfortable, more enjoyable.
    I provide guides with different personalities, different interests.
    All I need to know is your preference in a guide.
    I am a guide myself and a trekker as well. I’ve been a guide myself for years and i’ve hired a guide in Julian Alps. So, I think I understand the importance of a good companionship, good team for a comfortable journey.


  2. I am going with Green valley Nepal treks from 27/9 to 18/10 Manaslu, incl Tsum Valley

  3. Hi Laurel. I hope to do the Manaslu trek, including Tsum Valley, starting around the 26th to 29th of September. I have been visiting Nepal since 1970 and trekking since 1973, and have done the Manaslu and Tsum trek three times in the past ten years (my favorite!). Usually I have one or two friends go with me, but none are available this year. For me, an ideal trip would go on to cross the top of the Annapurna trek route (the only part left which is not doable by road!) to Kagbeni and then continue on up and back in the Mustang Valley, where I have not been before, but that total trip would be about 35 days and I have not found anyone to do it with me to share the guide fee. As a fallback, I will do just Manaslu and Tsum. I work through an arranger in Kathmandu and know several of his guides, all good. For Manaslu-Tsum, guide fee plus tip for 20-21 days would be about $600 — because it includes for the guide Medical, evacuation, and life insurance. More than two people would lower the cost, and I might find more partners in Kathmandu or closer to the day. Other expenses for the trip would be transport to trailhead, twenty nights lodging and food at about $20 per day, and either road trip back to Kathmandu or to Pokhara for a day or two and then either road (day-long bus) or very fast flight back to Kathmandu. Let me know your preferences etc. Best regards, Ross Rodgers in Bozeman, Montana.