Manaslu and Tsum valley

For many years I just dreamt to visit Nepal and to trek this beautiful country. Now it’s time to “Just do it”.

I’m 56, in a very good shape, running, visiting the gym almost daily, skiing in the winter and hiking the Santa Monica mountain range as much as I can.

I’m a software engineer, with many years of experience. My jobs assignments took me all over the globe. From west to east. The more I traveled, the more I liked it. Meeting people, seeing the amazing sceneries of our earth, learning and experiencing different cultures can never be enough.

My plan is to trek Manaslu and Tsum valley, leaving Kathmandu on October 25 and returning about 22 days later with some flexibility as long as I can get on my flight back to Los Angeles (November 19th).

I’m looking and planning plan to work with a local agency. Its guides are from the Manaslu region. Based on research, reviews, and direct communication I believe that they are reliable, correctly priced and can and will provide us with a great experience. Though, I’m not locked yet.

I consider myself an easy going person. While I know what I want, and I’m planning ahead when I can, this knowledge allows me to be flexible and adjust when needed and possible.

Are you interested to join forces? Please contact me,

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  1. Hi Yuval,
    I just finished the Mardi Himal trek and I’m looking for more. Your Manaslu trek sounds great. I’m in Pokhara now. When do you think you would be at the trailhead?