Manaslu and Tsum – November 5-10

3+ weeks, Manaslu and Tsum, probably beginning around Nov 5 – Nov 10. I don’t yet know when I can begin, as it depends on when I return from a Makalu trek, and that is hugely dependent on weather and transport.

I need 1 or more people to share costs for the permit and kind-of-mandatory porter or guide. However, I prefer to keep things totally flexible, and use the guide only for crossing the checkpoints, but would like to have the option of splitting up and going at our own paces once deeper into the trek. The guide requirement is only enforced (if at all) in a few places, and there is no reason to compromise on an itinerary for 3 weeks. Other people can continue with the porter or guide as they wish (I will still pay my share), but I don’t want to follow a set schedule.

I am 33, Male, from the US. I have spent 3 months in Nepal before, and have done a lot of independent trekking all over the world, and the permit requirements for this area drive me crazy.

As soon as I return from Makalu I will begin organizing this trip.



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  1. Hi
    I am also interested in sharing costs for the Manaslu Tsum trek… and also looking for flexibility and independence while trekking! I’ve been trying to figure out how to compromise with this non-sense double permit system. Not sure wether it’s possible to split and walk away from a guide on Manaslu since checkpoints seem to be eveywhere. I’m 40, Male from France, I’ll arrive in KTM on Nov 8th and will probably not depart before the 10 or 11th time to arrange for everything. We can meet there if you like, feel free to contact me on Btw I’m not carrying any tent and gear, I’ll be sleeping in teahouses. Have a good trek in Makalu.

  2. I actually returned to Kathmandu yesterday, a bit earlier than expected. So I will be looking to leave for Manaslu in the next few days with any other people that are on the same schedule (first few days in November.) So people that are looking at leaving later should probably contact Arnaud, as I will hopefully have left by then.

  3. Hey Gabe

    Myself and Rick a Canadian guy are in KTM at the moment and trying to organise a trip to Manaslu.

    Looking to travel relatively quickly – around 14 days or shorter.

    Happy to team up to share costs which will allow us all to steer through some of the red tape.

    We’re looking to head off in the next day or so if possible.

    If you are keen, maybe we can meet up in Thamel to discuss further.