Manaslu and Tsum

Hi everyone,
I’m planning to start Manaslu and Tsum track on October 29 or 30, finish not later than November 20, prefrrably solo. Already did this track on 2017 with a group. Looking someone to share permit and guide cost. You can take a guide, I do not need him. We’ll meet only on checkposts.

Thanks, Anna



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  1. Hi Anna, this is sunil and my french friend is doing 15 days manaslu circuit trekking starting from 4 th november to 18th november he will arrived kathamndu on november 1st if you think trekking date and 15 days manaslu circuit trek is good for you please join us would be great !, thank you

    • Thank you, Sunil,
      Unfortinately November 4 is too late for me. I need to start not later then October 29 or 30. And I plan trek longer then 15 days.

    • This is my approximate plan

      27 Oct arrival
      28 Oct КTM – Sotikhola
      29 Oct Sotikhola – Tatopani
      30 Oct Tatopani – Philim
      31 Oct Philim – Chumling
      1 Nov Chumling – Chokang Paro
      2 Nov Chokng Paro – Lamagaon
      3 Nov Lamagaon – Mugompa
      4 Nov Mugompa
      5 Nov Mugompa – Chokangparo
      6 Nov Chokangparo – Lundang
      7 Nov Lundang
      8 Nov Lundang – Lokpa
      9 Nov Lokpa – Prok
      10 Nov Prok
      11 Nov Prok – Lho
      12 Nov Lho
      13 Nov Lho – Samagaon
      14 Nov Samagaon
      15 Nov Samagaon – Samdo
      16 Nov Samdo – Daramsala
      17 Nov Daramsala
      18 Nov Daramsala – Bimtang
      19 Nov Bimtang
      20 Nov Bimtang – Dharapani
      21 Nov Dharapani – Kathmandu
      22 Nov Departure

  2. Hello Anna,
    I will be doing the Manasalu around this time, but not the Tsum – so I wonder if we can be a match? Also depending on how your plans are progressing…
    I already have a guide booked, which is someone I met in Kathmandu last year (did the EBC last year).
    Have a good one!

    • Hello Simon,
      I gave up finding a partner and already arranged paper for myself. But Tsum is a must in my trip, I loved it last time.
      So… probably our plans would not match,
      Have a great trip, see you on the trek maybe 🙂