I would like to do the Manaslu and TSUM trek beginning mid September 2017. I am rather flexible on the daily distances, how fast or slow we go and places to stay. I prefer to go in a small group, preferrably just with a guide who seems necessary for this trek. My idea is to spend 20-25 day on this trek with an option to continue with the Annapurna circuit afterwards.





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  1. Andrej — starting later than you indicated (I want to leave toward the end of September), I hope to do Manaslu and Tsum, cross over the northern part of the Annapurna circuit (most of the rest now is accessible by road), then from Kagbeni in the Kali Gondaki Valley go in and out of Mustang. Altogether, this would be about 35 days. Let me know if you could start later and go for longer than you have stated here. My fall-back plan would be to do just the Manaslu and Tsum, but still starting around September 26 to 28. Ross

  2. Hi Ross,

    I have very similar plan to yours, the only issue with me is that I will fly to KTM on September 14th, so there is this differenc of two weeks in our schedules. Regarding the total duration of the tirip up to 35 day, this if fine with me and I am actually expecting 30-33 day of trekking in total myself. Unfortunatelly for various reasons, I can not move my Schedule more than 2-3 day later, so startinf the trek on September 17/18th is the maximum I coud go.



    • Hello Andrej,

      I’m keen to do this trek as detailed by Ross. My preference is to leave later than you and start around 25th but I have some flexibilty to start earlier. I am planning on flying on on 18th but potentially could come in on 17th. As mentioned my prference is to try sort something out with Ross but if you havent found anyone I could potentially start earlier.



  3. Dang, seems it can’t be done. Earliest I could arrive in Nepal would be around September 23. Also note: I usually trek in the fall season, and usually expect monsoon rains into mid-September or even later. It looks like this year the monsoon will taper off around 15-19 but still be cloudy with occasional rain throughout the day for a week after that. This would clear up a bit when you got to the “rain shadow” area behind Manaslu, about where the Tsum trail takes off. Good luck, and carry a big umbrella! Best regards, Ross

    • Hello Ross, I’m haven’t booked flights yet but will be looking to start Manaslu Tsum Valley trek around same time that you want towards end of Sept to avoid monsoon. I wasn’t planning on a trek as long as your proposed but I will have a look at suggestions and could possibly do some extra. Do you have an idea of how many km’s your route would be? I’m a 45yo male from Australia, walk a lot and do some hiking, fitness will not be a problem.

      I look forward to your reply.


  4. Hey Andrej and the others, I’m Hen from Israel, 33 years old, medium fitted and would like a partner (the more the merrier) for Mansalu and tusm vally, the minimum for the terk is 2 people ( I have contacted a excellent guide/porter for 22$ a day) with teahouse accommodation.
    I’ll be in 11th September in Kathmandu.
    You are welcome to contect me on Facebook “Hen Kisos” (portrait photo with black background)

    • Hen — Glenn probably will join me to do Manaslu and Tsum and then the top of the Annapurnas for about four weeks starting around Sept 24, later than your arrival (Glenn gets to Kathmandu Sep 19 and I arrive Sep 21). You should join us if you can wait that long. Andrej might join us. Ross

    • Hi Hen! Would be great if you could join me and Ross and maybe Andrej if he’s recovered from injury. I’m getting to Nepal on sept 19 and will be ready to start Manaslu/Tsum as soon as Ross is ready, hopefully around the 24/25th. Hopefully you’re able to hang around.


  5. hello everyone im Bibek from nepal 27 professional guide and a photographer. please let me know it there is anything i can help you with.