Manaslu and Ganesh Himal

I’ve been trekking in Nepal since 1988 (showing my age!). This time I plan for a part of the Manaslu trek and the Tsum valley. My way of trekking is different from most hikers, because I do a lot of bird watching on the way. This makes my hikes rather slow. The hikes may cover only walk 10 km a day, but I will probably be on the trail for 8-9 hours. We don’t need to walk together all the time during the day, as your pace might be different from mine. But we could agree on caching up at some fixed points during the day.

It’s not the plan to cross the Larkya pass. But I probably walk up to Larkya Bazar and possibly higher up and/or visiting the nearby lake (Ccengge Tal): for bird watching. This year, I planned to visit Nepal between November 28 – Dec 24, 2018.

I feel fit and hike every weekend in the hills of my residence: Timor-Leste.



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