Manaslu And Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello everyone!
We are two people arriving in Kathmandu on May 4th. Both of us have prior experience of trekking in High Himalayas.
We are looking to do a combined Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek lasting for about 21 days.
After getting the required permits on 5th May, we plan to head out of Kathmandu on May 6th.
Manaslu Circuit is not allowed without a guide. Although Annapurna Circuit was possible without a guide is also after the latest change of rules is not allowed without a guide.
We are looking for trekking partners who would be a good company to share the cost of the guide as well as experience of the trek.
We are also looking for a guide with reasonable fees. We have a few quotations from some guides and we are evaluating our options.
If you are interested to join us, leave a message here and we can connect.



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