Hi all, am trying to get some addional trekker interest for a Manaslu trip based on a guide +2 trekkers minimum. I had a guide last year who was reasonably priced, he might be up for another trip but we’ll see. My price is just approx. but I’ll work on a breakdown later.

I’m not sure what the trekking situation is at the moment. The guide I know says Nepal is in lockdown again,
there is currently no information regarding the forthcoming trekking season??? Fingers crossed maybe it can work out.

I haven’t booked a flight yet but hope to be out there for all of November/December.





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  1. Latest update from NTB:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. We would like to kindly inform you that Nepal is open to the tourists who aspire to trek and mountaineer beginning of October the 10th. But, the trekking and mountaineering are ONLY allowed in a team. It is highly advisable that the tourists conduct the PCR test before arriving in Nepal and stay in quarantine for minimum of 10 -14 days. Please visit our website for further updates.