Hello, I am arriving in Kathmandu on the 17th of November. Would like to stay some days there to organize things and then leave Kathmandu around the 20th. Pretty much interesting sounds the Manaslu Circuit to me, but anything else with 2-3 weeks trekking is fine to me as well. As I dont know the mountains in Nepal yet, I also would like to go with a guide. But I think at the moment I won`t need a porter. I have hiking and climbing experience in the Alps, but I also have to say that it will be my first time in Nepal and I dont know yet how I react to the height etc. My Budget is shoestring to Mid-Range.
If you have similar plans I am looking forward to hear from you!



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  1. Hello,
    I’m arriving inKathmandu on the 18th of november and I’m planning to start te Annapurna circuit the 19th november (or a day later if you prefer!).
    I really want to do this trek, and also go to the Tilicho lake!
    I think I don’t want a guide or a porter because I have a lot of hiking and climbing experiences.
    Does this fit with your plans?

    • Hi Marlene,
      thanks for your message. I think if anyhow possible I would prefer the Manaslu Trek. The Annapurna sounds much to crowded for me. Since the Manaslu apparently you cant do without guide and in a group, it might be, that I have to change plans when arriving in Kathmandu.
      If so, then I would contact you again and maybe join you on the Annapurna Circuit.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I choose the Annapurna circuit because it seems to be te more beautiful in Nepal!
      As weel, I’m afraid that it will be crowed but we are in low-season…
      It will be great to do it with you! Contact me if you want,

  2. Hello, manaslu circuit is one of the best area to trek, while on the trip u get to see the magnificent views of the mountain which is 8163m which is also the eight tallest mountain in the world, the circuit is filled with rich local heritage and biological diversity of the region. if u need more details about the guide and the itineraries, I can definitely help you.

  3. Hi Vanessa, after I first thought about Manaslu trek I now changed my mind to do the Tsum valley trek after talking to a friend who did it both. I have to be back in Kathmandu on the 2nd and both Manaslu and Tsum would take too long for me. Let me know if this could be an option for you too! I can also send you a more detailed planning (I am already in contact with a guide). Best, Maja

    • Hi Maja, sounds goud to me. The only thing is, that I have more time available and would like to trek a little bit longer. Do you know whether with your route it would be possible to extend after you leave and do the Manaslu Circuit as well? If not, do you have any recommendations for a guide from your friend?
      Best, Vanessa

    • Hi Maja, Hi Vanessa,

      I read through both of your plans and wanted to get in touch with you. I plan to trek either the Manaslu Circuit or Tsum Valley. I can begin a trek between Nov. 18 and 21. I would need to be back in Kathmandu by December 8 at the latest. I am a moderately paced trekker – I don’t mind long days but I like short breaks and enjoying the view and smiling at people along the way. I have been coming to Nepal for 11 years so I speak a bit of Nepali and Tibetan. My budget is shoestring to mid-range – I’m fine with very basic accommodation, but don’t mind springing for a little extra comfort now and then. My other treks in Nepal have always been without a porter or guide, but I know a guide is needed for this trek. I would also be open to sharing a porter with a trekking partner to take a bit of weight off and make it more fun.

      Maja, you have to be back on December 2, right? And Vanessa, you have a little more time, don’t you?


    • Hi girls (Maja, Vanessa and Joy),
      we are a Finnish couple and we have similar plans of doing the Manaslu Circuit or Tsum Valley trek on the same dates. We will arrive Kathmandu on 17th of Nov and we need to be back on the 8-9th of Dec. At the moment we are thinking of carrying our own staff, thus looking a guide only.

      What comes to the budget, Mid-Range sounds good but there is some flexibility. Our trekking speed is moderate and we think that 1 to 2 acclimatization days would be a good idea.

      As it is our first trek in the Himalayas, we are looking for good company to do the trek with and of course share the costs where possible. We are down-to-earth kind of people who appreciate nature and good laughs :)!

      Kaisa and Kim

  4. Vanessa,

    I am arriving on Thursday and looking to join a group heading off onto the Manaslu circuit with plans to hop over to Annapurna circuit half way. If you need another person to share costs or make up the numbers for the group, let ,me know

    Cheers Damian

    • Hey Damian,
      I am planning to do exactly the same… I have around twenty days trekking time and would like to do the combination of manaslu and annapurna. My flight leaving nepal is on the 14th december and i arrived yesterday… I only need to rent jacket, sleeping bag and buy shoes. Then i am ready to leave! On the weekend would be great. I am hoping to do this without guide and porters. A friend of mine got a permit for manaslu without a guide and said it was no problem. Maybe meet for dinner tomorrow when you arrive?

  5. Hi everybody!!! I’m joseba from bask country…my plan is also go to manaslu and tsum valley…can i share permit and guide with u guys?? I’ m already in ktm..