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Pretty excited to be trekking the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley trek. Once the Manaslu trek finishes at the Annapurna trail (DARAPANI) I am planning on continuing the journey on the Annapurna circuit. At that point we can decide if we want to split up or continue on to the Annapurna, plans are flexible. We will need to split a guide for the Manaslu trek. Not sure if this is possible but If you want to hike solo, I would also be open to grab our visas together and then go our separate ways.

I have been looking at an 18 day itinerary for the Manaslu and maybe 14+- on the Annapurna.

I am a young progressive lad born in San Francisco. I ski a lot and will be in Japan after Nepal for the winter season. I play cello and love new perspectives. I have some wilderness training and I am accustomed to backcountry ski travel. I am very social and also enjoy the serenity of silence. Lets go climb some stuff.



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  1. Hey bud, looking to group up for tthe Manaslu part. Anyway you can start eearlier?

    Let me know!


    • Hi Scott,

      I might be able to get there a day or two earlier. I still have a few things to wrap up at home before flying out. Let me know if that works.


  2. Hi there,
    Going the same way as you are, and also looking for someone to share a guide and get the permit with. Will be in Kathmandu on the 25th, let me know if you are still looking for a co hiker.

  3. Hello Spenser,

    I was going to start my trek to Upper Mustang on the 28th but my group has just fallen apart due to last week’s events. So now I m reorganizing all my plans and Manaslu and Tsum Valley seems to be the right B plan.

    Would you share with me your itinerary and the associated budget. I need to make a pretty fast decision because of my ticket so if you are interested and fancy a chat on skype.


  4. Hi Spencer. I am a fellow lover of backcountry skiing. I am in Kathmandu now- interested in doing manaslu or three passes Gokyo. I would love to find a partner. Let me know if you are available!