UPDATE: I have joined a group of trekkers doing this exact trek almost. We are 4 total, but one person is only doing 7 of the 20-21 days. We would love to find a 5th full time trekker. It will help costs. Currently I think it’d be around 350 dollars, but I’m not exactly sure. I am not exactly “in charge” of the planning, but if you message me directly I can put you in contact with the person who is.

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to do the Manaslu circuit trek in early october (departing btwn 5-8th).

I’m really flexible and excited to find some people who want to go as well. I’ve already been messaging like crazy to make some connections and no doubt some of you who read this will have gotten a message from me already. I am currently in KTM. If you are too then perhaps we can meet up and discuss details.



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  1. hi, i would like to join. my plan is to leave tomorrow or the 5th of oktober.

  2. I fly in on the afternoon of the 6th and can be ready to go as soon as the permits are ready to go. Permits that day? leave on 7th? Chris

    • UPDATE: So here’s the deal. We’re now leaving inthe 7th. This isn’t flexible due to the holiday. We are gettin the permits when they reopen on the 6th. But, all Documents have to be in to our agent by the 5th so he can do everything bright and early on the 6th.

      Also, now we are 4 for the whole trek and 6 for just the Tsum valley. The price is now 500 + 65 USD. Chris, unfortunately idk if it’ll work with you bc you’re landing in the afternoon and he needs your physical passport. Peter, if you’re flexible to leave on the 7th we can meet up and talk shop. Message me if you want more details