Manasalu, tsum valley, nar-pho, tileceso lake and kanta pass.

Hi ma fellow trekkers, my name is Safia and I’m 18 years old from the good old UK. I’ve found a pretty fabulous trip that goes round a fair amount of the Himalayas, with an absolute legend of a guide who’s been up and down Everest more times than my age. Hero.
The trek is 25 days, and the highest peak is 5400m. So you go to manasalu, tsum valley, nar-pho, tilecesco lake and kanta pass. Whooooo so many passes. So MAny mountains, top notch landscapes.
If I get another fun, funky buddy keep me company then the guide cost goes from 25$ to 15$ and he said he could offer lower … holla !!! Then overall cost with food permits and accommodation = $1100 or less.
I’ve been trekking in the Indian Himalayas for 2 weeks reaching 5500m. Also I have done trekking in Yosemite so have had experience in attitude.
If your interested give me a cheeky mail and I’ll take you out for a alcoholic beverage and I’ll buy you a yak scarf to keep you warm in the mountains. A deal you can’t resist.



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  1. Hi Safia,
    I am going to arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd of April. I’ve done walking in South America and Europe before. I was planning to spend around a month in Nepal and then stay in India for a few months after. Your plan sounds sweet. Let me know if you want to go for a drink in London, Bristol or in Kathmandu.

    • I’m on Kathmandu so maybe lets grab a drink on your first night.

  2. Hi Sofia,

    I’m an aussie who has just quit work, and cant wait to get to Nepal.
    i will arrive in KTM on 30th March. I had a trip arranged but the girls are leaving early, so I miss out. I’ve trekked in Nepal before, and the above sounds like an interesting trip. Have you finalised plans yet, and are you still looking for a travelling buddy?



  3. Juhu Safia,
    my plan is go to Nepal on the 05.04. maybe I can arrived little earlier. Is your time fix or can you wait 2 days? I have to buy some warm clothing because I travel the next year’s and can’t carry all the things…

  4. Hi All

    Has anyone had any luck getting a permit? I have a guide organized , was hoping to leave tomorrow but can’t get a solo permit