Manang Valley Trek/ Annapurna

HI 🙂
I am planning to do a trekking trip somewhen in the middle of November, I am quite flexible on dates as I am currently volunteering 15 km from Kathmandu and I can leave whenever I want to. The Manang Valley Trek sounds and looks amazing, so I am searching for a partner to do that, but I am also open for another trek. I don’t think we need a porter or guide if we are at least two 🙂
I am looking forward to some messages and an amazing time up the mountains, happy about everyone who wants to join or do any other trek 🙂



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  1. Hey i am planning to go solo to without any porter and guide in mid November maybe we can share our plans . Here is my email –

  2. Goodmorning Manuela,
    i am arriving in Kathmandu the 15th in the morning and thinking about doing the Annapurna circuit starting aprox the 16th or 17th.

    would be nice to walk together along the route…please let me know if is possible, because i think that i need the permits.

    have a nice day


  3. Hello Manuela,

    I am thinking to do the Annapurna circuit (or an other trek) in mid-november, I will arrived in Kathmandu on the 13th in the afternoon.
    I’m looking forward to be there !
    I will be happy to join you 🙂


  4. Hi I am arriving Kathmandu today from Chennai and willing to discuss and take it forward further if budget workout my side .