I’m looking for a few partners to join me on the manaslu trek

I’m open to ideas on route etc

I’m a newbie but that dosent mean I can’t keep up



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  1. Hi man! I’d like to do Manaslu as well.
    Im from South Tyrol, Italy, which is in the alps, so already familiar with trekking, but never trekked in the Himalayas, so going easy. =)
    I will be in Kathmandu for the next 2,3 days and want to leave. If I find someone to go to Manaslu I will go there, otherwise I will do Annapurna, as I dont want to trek alone.

    Let me know if you are interested/ have got a similar plan!



    • Hi George

      Yes i’d love to go with you on the manaslu circuit, i’ve sent you an email with my phone number. i land on thursday evening