Manali – Leh Cycling

Manali – Leh cycling trip! Ive done it twice already, well versed with the area and camping sites.

Will be doing this year a bit early ( not May/June ) like April end. We are two of us, starting from Manali and ending in Leh.

The roads surely would be deadly and risky as the roads are just opening up…

Backup vehicle undecided.
Cost – Cheap to Moderate
Me and my friend confirmed

If any one interested in this crazy rush, lemme know 🙂

Safe riding guys!



3 replies
  1. Hi Pradeep..

    I request you to please share the detail itinerary of the cycling tour.

    Cheers.. 🙂
    Abhishek Burad

  2. I’ve received your mail, Ill reply back with the detailed itinerary by tonight.

    If I may ask, you’ve been to cycling trips before?

    Keep me updated 🙂

    Safe riding!

  3. Thanks for your reply. Although, I have never been to cycle rides in Northern Part of India at high altitude zones, but I cycle regularly in and around Mumbai.

    But would like to paddle on such hilly areas.. 🙂

    Hoping to be a part of this tour..

    Thanks 🙂