Malajsia, Taman Negara National Park, Gunung Tahan pk


Our plan is a 9 day rainforest hiking across Taman Negara National park located on Malaysian Peninsula, easily reachable from Kuala Lumpur. Main goal is to get expreience within this ecosystem, and climb a 2000 meters high peak across that. Date is 05.02.2016-14.02.2016
Biggest part of budget is the guide. On international homepages it costs around 1900 ringgit (MYR). This should be divided between 12 persons. Otherwise the country (food, travelling) is cheap.
Equipment, vaccines are based on your home country, we will discuss everything and we provide you help in every aspects we can

Information about National Park rules, fees, maps, etc are here (not official):

As video I posted a hiking of a random group found on Youtube was hiking exactly on our way

We are Hungarian guys, experienced on 2-3000 m ridges of Eastern-Middle-Europe


Gergely Kóródy



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