Makalu trekking

Hi there,m
Im a spanish mountaneer looking for partners to join me in Makalu trakking. I have been a couple of years ago climbing some mountain in Nepal in khumbu and annapurna valleys and this time i would like to take it easier and enjoy doing a trekking.
My plan is to enjoy the mountain walking with the village and own culture tourism without being focused only in climbing.
I would like to go with someone if tis possible to share the experience!!
I am 32 years spanish mountain lover , easy going who loves being outdoors and cooking and eating so much!!
Hope to meet you in kathmandu in few months!!



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  1. Hi Adur. I’m also keen on this trek (see my post in the Makalu section) but I’m wondering how flexible your dates are? I’ll be there from 13th Sep.

  2. Hi makalu,
    I am Christine from France, 33 years old. I am also looking for partners to go trekking in the hymalaya. I am already Nepal and will be free for trekking from August 15 more or less. I will be in Nepal until end of September so I am flexible on my dates .
    What is your plan about this trekking? Do you plan having a guide ?
    Let me know,