Makalu BC trek, oktober 2013

Hey there,

Looking for a partner to join me on the Makalu BC trek from Tumlingtar. I don’t feel like taking a guide or porter, but a partner in crime would be nice as well as adviced 🙂
I’m not sure yet wether I will carry my tent or only sleep at the teahouses. We can decide together.

I am planning to start my trek as soon as October starts, exact date is flexible. Will travel to the starting point at Tumlingtar by buss from Kathmandu.

If you have any questions just send me an email (


Luuk Arts
The Netherlands



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  1. Canceled.

  2. Hey there,

    In case if you change your mind and If you have any plans of doing it in November 3rd week 2013… let me know. I am very much interested in this trek.
    I can bring along my REI tent, stove, cooking utensils etc. I am also interested in doing this without guide / porter, but need one or two other people along for safety reasons.
    I will be in Nepal for about 18 days starting from 19th November 2013 and my dates are unfortunately fixed 🙁

    This guy did this trek solo to makalu base camp.