Makalu Base Camp Trek

Hi there,

I’ll be in Nepal around mid-October and want to do some nice treks 🙂

I’ve already done Everest and Annapurna treks, and learnt the pleasure of independent trekking so I’d go for Makalu. But I’m also open to join any other people going to Kanchenjunga / Manaslu (teahouse trek would be better anyway) which seem so beautiful too.

I’m quite flexible about the date (actually if I can do 2 treks between mid-October and mid-December, that’d be awesome), and really want to enjoy the place (so I don’t really mind the pace but I definitely don’t want to rush).

Just let me know if you are interested in organizing a trek in one of those areas.




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  1. Hi Kevin,
    I fly to Nepal on 22 oct until 14th nov. Wanna do a trek, Manaslu (Tsum valley) High passes.. not sure yet. I’m standing open for other treks. What are your plans now?

    Phil (netherlands)

    • Hi Phil!
      Actually I’m still thinking about which trek I’ll choose.
      Manaslu/Makalu/Kanchenjunga are my best options. I’m in discussion to join a group towards Kanchenjunga, which seems beautiful.

      But I’d love to do Makalu for the freedom as a consequence of not having a mandatory guide.
      To be honest, in between Manaslu and Kanchenjunga, I think I’d go for Kanchen.

      So i’ll let you know if I finally go to Kanchen, but if you’d be ready for Makalu that’d be a great alternative.

      Speak to you soon,

  2. Hello Kevin,
    I haven’t looked yet into Kanchenjunga or Makalu..
    but I love my freedom and not having a mandatory guide or
    a big group is what I prefer. Keep me update about your plans.

    Speak you later,

    • Hi Phil,

      I actually think the same… That’s why i’m really hesitating between Kanchen and Makalu. I mean I think Kanchen is a nicer trek, but you need mandatory guide and group (as well as for Manaslu).

      Makalu is a complete freedom trek, which is the reason why I like it so much.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I did makalu last year and am looking at doing kanchenjunga this year.I arrive on 18th oct so could depart 20th. Let me know if u are interested and we will talk more.
    Regards Nixon

    • Hi Alex!

      Good to know that…
      How was Makalu? cuz I also would like to do it.

      As regards Kanchen, I’ve been talking with some people in this website, they have a group gong on October 22. I’m a bit reluctant to be in a group, but since it is mandatory and very few guides know the area, and it looks to be a nice team, just that the trek will be more expensive.

      Do you have any contacts with nepali guides?


  4. Hi Kevin,
    I did Mera last year and would like to attempt the GHT starting with Kangchanjunga and Makalu base camp from Oct to November.
    Let me know what you think and we can discuss further.

    Bee Kuen (Singapore)

    • Hi Bee,

      Let me what are your plans, where/when do you intend to start and which route do you consider taking.

      I’m in between Kanchenjunga and Makalu (I’d prefer the last one for the freedom, but Kanchenjunga seems so amazing).


  5. Hi Kevin,

    Have you decided which to do? I am now looking now into the Kanchenjunga from the 24th of oct. Still flexible though and have 3 weeks in total. Still looking for other trekkers.

    • im in Nepal right now and interesting to do kanchenjunga trek do you know how much are we talking about¿ ill be here until mid december. I’ve been in everest, annapurna and manaslu trek ,a few years ago.
      are you planning to carry everything or having a porter?

    • Hi Phil. Sorry for the late reply. I was in Ladakh and Internet was an issue up there. Just arrived back in Delhi. Heading to KTM asap. Considering Kanchenjunga rather than Makalu. There’s a group starting on the 22nd. The guide is familiar with the area (hard to find). But they ask 800$ without accommodation so I dunno what to do since it s a bit expensive. Don’t have any other contact so far but I’ll start searching on my arrival, probably in 2 days. When will you be in KTM?

    • Zarela are you in KTM? As mentioned above I’ll be there in approx. 2/3 days. I also live in Peru and did some nice treks up there so it would be nice to catch up with a chai

  6. Anyone interested in Makalu BC to everest region via sherapani col? Looks really good check out my post for more info

  7. I know a guy who walks Kanchen every year with no guide or group 😉 You have to know people 🙂

  8. Hello Kevin,
    We are doing Manaslu and Tsum. Starting on 24 oct. We are 2 people and a guide. You can still join us. Good trekking, Phil.

  9. Hi Kevin,
    i know some agencies hére too.
    Send me An email when u are here. lets jeep talking. In staying in Excélsior hotel in Thamel.