Makalu Base Camp Trek

Hi guys,

I’m 32, British and looking to do the Makalu Base Camp trek from the 13th September.

I’m happy to do this myself, but would be good to have some company! I wanted to do more of an alternative trek in Nepal, something off the beat and track and this looks like a good option.

I’ll be flying in on the 11th September and the start date is flexible, depending on if anyone else wants to join. Get in touch if you’re keen or have any questions!




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  1. Hi Matt,

    I’m 33 from Belgium. I did everest and annapurna treks a few years ago and I’m going back to Nepal with the intention to explore less visited areas.

    Makalu seems quite attracting to me since it does have teahouse options but doesn’t require special permit/a guide.

    I’m also considering Manaslu and Kachenjunga (I have the opportunity to join a group with guide, but feel at bit afraid of being in guided trek as I love freedom and flexibility 🙂

    So I may join you but the thing is I’ll be in Ladack during September and the beginning of Oct so won’t be arriving in KTM before 13/14 October. I don’t know if this is too late for you. I started Everest BC in late Sept and was a bit disappointed by the weather who wasn’t clear during any days. But every year is a different story!

    Just let me know, or even if you are interested to do any other trek afterwards (apart from the annapurnas and everest).


    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m afraid I only have a month in Nepal, so was looking to do the Makalu trek in September! I fly to Myanmar on Oct 6th so won’t be in the country then.

      Good luck with the trek!


  2. Hi Matt, I am flying into kathmandu on September 5th. I haven’t made any real plans yet, but want to go on a couple of 3-5 day hikes and one longer hike. I’ve been doing the solo travelling thing for a while now and looking to hike with a small group. Im on a low budget, preferably less than $50 a day. I am a wildlife biologist and interested in being in nature, usually more fit, but travelling has made a consistent workout regime difficult but Im still in decent shape. Feel free to contact me on fb if your still looking for hiking buddies.
    Michelle Schroeder (add sierra pacific to fb search)

  3. Hi guys,

    I’ll arrive to Nepal on Sept 3rd, and want to go trekking on Sept 15-30. Lets keep in touch? fb: oce4ka

  4. Hey Matt and the others, I’m Hen from Israel 33 years old, medium fitted and would like a partner (the more the merrier) for Mansalu or Makalu if its possible to do it with teahouse accommodation (I don’t have 4 season tent)
    We’ll be in 11th September in Kathmandu.
    You are welcome to contect me on Facebook “Hen Kisos” (portrait photo with black background)