Makalu Base Camp Trek

Hello There,

I am planning a trek to Makalu base camp in the last week of march to mid april 2016.
The trek would start from Tumlingtar going all the way up the Arun valley -> Sedua -> Shipton La -> Makalu base camp. Duration would be max of 12-15 days depending on the weather, condition of snow at shipton la etc.

If you are interested or want more information on the trek please do post a reply.




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  1. i might be interested. i read that the trail is still broken after the last year’s earthquake though. do you have any info?

    • Hey Vlad,

      I had done this trek last year around the time of the earthquake. April 5-20. I have seen some pictures of the Bigger Teahouses en route have been completely broken. So the idea would be to carry rations and do this as a camping trek from Tashigaon- Tashigaon

  2. Hi there,
    Me and my friend are going to do the Makalu Base camp on the 19th of March if any of you wants to join the group 🙂

    • Hey,

      I have decided to do the Beni-Dolpo Trek instead of this one. Thanks for the invite guys. All d Best with your treks 🙂

      Although be careful at this time of the year the Shipton LA Pass is going to have waist deep snow and navigation will be difficult if weather is not clear (It was waist deep on April 15th last year)