Makalu Base Camp Trek

hey there! I’m going to be in Nepal round April and am thinking of doing makalu independently. Will carry a tent and stove but wanted to do a mix of teahouse and camping. Also maybe check out the glacier and wilderness one or two days beyond bc. Let me know if you’re interested.



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  1. Hi Fin,

    I am from India and I will be doing Makalu base camp trek during the same time. I will be finishing my mountaineering course prior to this trek and my course ends on 29th March 2015. I will take me 2 days to travel from Darjeeling to Kathmandu. After that, I will be shopping for tents,jackets and stove in before departing for the trek.

    So considering 2 more days for getting the TIN permits in Kathmandu, I guess we can start the trek on 4th or 5th of April.


    • Sounds good, I’m pretty flexible. I’ll aim for Kathmandu on the third or thereabouts. Not sure about the tent quality in Nepal but the jackets and stoves seem to be legitimate. I think you can formally add yourself to the trek if that means something to you. Otherwise see you in a few months!

    • Still open for more trekkers too! More the merrier!

    • Seems like there is no way to add myself to this trip!

    • Hey fin, i’ll be getting in on the 1st and will be doing makalu aswell. I leave on the 25th… how do you plan on getting to the trailhead? bus or flying to tumlingtar? down for some camping aswell. cheers

  2. Probably a bus, have done it once before, just a sleeper and a short layover in hille which is a pretty nice town. Then a few hours in a horrible Jeep. Whichever way, could always meet at the trailhead if you would prefer not. Get on board though!

    • okay cool. yeah i’m no stranger to nepal buses, i’ve heard hille is nice.. see you early april!

  3. Hey fellas, trek time approaching! I’m still two or three days off ktm but can definitely make it for dinner on the third. Not sure what peoples budgets are but we should probably have at least one good meal before dal bhat land. I’m thinking or2k at seven? Might not have WiFi for a few days but I’ll definitely make it for this.

    • Hey Fin,

      Please let me know which place shall we meet for dinner. I am currently staying at a farm outside of Kathmandu till tomorrow afternoon.