Makalu Base Camp Trek

Hey guys,

I’am interested to go the the Makalu Base Camp Trek in late october 2018, its a relative uncommon trek compared to other well-known treks in Nepal. I looked for some informations the last days and my wanting to go the trek gets bigger and bigger. The trek is nowadays possible as a teahouse trek and its a non restricted trek (no requirement for hiring guide by law) , but because there are not many trekkers in the region I thought about not going alone.

So is there maybe anybody out the who is planning the same trek? Unfortunately I already booked my flights in&out Kathmandu, so my timetable is more fixed.
Or maybe a guide reads this and can give a reasonable offer for the trek?

Would appreciate to hear from you.
My name is Nicolas and I live in Hamburg/Germany. After trekking in the Everest-Region in 2015 and Annapurna-Circuit/Mardi Himal in 2017 it will be my third time in Nepal.




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  1. Hi,

    Planning a trek to Makalu Base camp this autumn and then on over the Amphu Lapsta Pass (max altitude 6130m). Will fly to Num from Kathmandu, up to Makalu Base camp and then on and over the pass flying back to Kathmandu from Lukla

    Wanted to make a circuit of this trek rather than having to walk up and back on the same trail.
    This is a high and quite challenging trek which will last around 23 days.
    Will be an exceptionally beautiful trek with unusual views of Everest, Ama Dablam, Makalu etc.
    I have been and trekked many times in Nepal and therefore know people on the ground who I can trust and who can organise. I do not want to go with a trekking company.

    The cost of this trip is expensive as a solo trekker so I am looking for one or to a maximum of three other people to come with me and help with the cost. The cost will depend on how many people eventually come so I have estimated trekking cost for four people including flights from Kathmandu and back to Kathmandu from Lukla. The cost of the trip will simply be divided by the number of people, there will be total transparency with regards to this, this is not a money making exercise.

    The expense is largely due to the fact that one needs a climbing sherpa guide as well as three or possibly four porters as there are seven days camping so we need to carry food tents and climbing gear for the short passage over the AL and two other high passes. The other nights are spent in teahouses.
    Previous climbing experience is helpfull for this trek although no great level or expertise is required.

    I am an englishman living in France in the Toulouse region, I speak fluent French.
    Please get in touch with me if this trek is of interest and I can send you a full itinerary

    • if you wanted to go full solo, you can head in from num and then walk out the lowlands through arun valley area. This will get you out to lukla in a similar amount of days, albeit with less mountaineering, but following the original steps of mallory.

    • Hey Charlie, thanks you for your message! The trek over Amphu Labcha would be a dream coming true for me, but to be realistic on my own skills and experiences in mountaineering/climbing this would be one step too early for me. I made till now only a not much difficult glacier tour to the Marmolada/Dolomites with little climbing part. Maybe I will be lucky enough to so this trek in the future. To walk in and out the same route to the Makalu Basecamp is not the best, I know, but hope the Basecamp will be reward as well. Your plan sounds a great and I hope you can realize it! For my interest, what are the costs you expect for four trekkers?

    • Hi Nicolas, I really don’t think that you have to be a great Alpinist to complete this trek (I am not) there are just a couple of passes (Sherpani and Amphu Lapsa) where for 200 yards you need to be assured with rope and harness. This is why you need a climbing sherpa ($30 a day) and two or maybe three porters ($15 a day) depending on how many we are because there are about 6 nights camping so we need to carry food and cooking gear. This as well as flights for everyone to and from Kathmandu means that it is expensive to do on your own. But with three or maybe four people I think the cost would be around $1500 + your own food cost and teahouse expenses. This is quite a high trek with two passes just over 6100m but I think will be exceptionally beautiful. If you are interested I can find out exactly how much this trek will cost.

    • Hi Charlie,

      I’ve also been looking at the Makalu base camp trek going on to the passes to Lukla. It sounds like a pretty incredible trek.

      Is your departure date flexible? Do you already have a guide in mind?

      I did the Kanchenjunga trek in 2016, going to both north and south base camps which was just below 6000m I believe so I think I’d like the challenge of another less popular Nepalese trek.


      Ps A Frenchman living in England 🙂

    • Hello Charlie,

      I was planning the same exact routing this fall (Makalu BC to Amphu Laptsa to Namche and fly out from Lukla) with a side trip to climb Ama Dablam on one summit push. My traveling partner can no longer go and I know it will be very expensive for my to plan a private one person trek plus climb. I am willing to just go on the trek. Do you still need or would like another person to join your group? Another thing, I am a female so I will pay for having my own personal tent and lodges and probably my own porter. I think sharing the cost of the climbing guiding and porters would cut down on my cost. I have experience with technical climbing and with high altitudes. If you are full on you trip and don’t need another person, that’s okay.

    • Hi Charlie,

      Do you have any set dates planned yet?
      I’m planning on starting the GHT from Kanchenjunga in October so depending on the dates I may be able to time linking up for the Amphu Lapsta portion and sharing the climbing guide costs (I’ll go porterless as will be carrying my camping gear and food).


    • Hi Charlie, just sent you a personal message but just wondering if you have enough people yet. The $1500 USD sounds very reasonable for the climbing portion. How much do you reckon for the teahouses for 18 days – $600 – $800? I’ve had quotes for the whole trip with 4 people for c.$3200 pp.

  2. Thank you for that, I would prefer to go over high passes but I guess if I don’t find anyone to go with I might well do what you suggest

    • Hey Cyril,
      Last year I did Kanchenjunga base camp by Num via Lumbasumba pass. My God it was cold I didn’t have a good enough pair of gloves and we camped 12 days over 4000m any way thats another story! Well the answer to both your questions is yes I am both flexible with my dates (I haven’t yet bought my flights) but that end of october through to end of November is the best time to go. I also know people on the ground in Kathmandou who I like and trust and who can take care of a climbing sherpa, internal flights, insurance, gear, permits etc. Otherwise I know personally other porter guides with whom I have trekked before. The difference with this trek is that there are two cols where you have to be roped in to get over hence the need for a climbing sherpa ($30 a day as opposed to 15 for a normal porter guide). It is therefore more expensive as a project and thus the need to be a small number of trekkers to share the cost.
      If you are interested and or maybe you have a friend who might want to come I am totally open to suggestions?

  3. Hi Cyril, I have found someone else who wants to do the same trek on Le Routard website. He is French and sounds keen to do something with us. As three trekkers this will reduce cost of trek to around €1500 each for all logistics including climbing sherpa, 2/3 porters, tents, climbing gear, cooking equipment, food when camping etc but not teahouses on approach and after high passes. We could reduce the cost even more with a fourth. If we are going to do this trek in my opinion we need to firm up dates asap. and buy flights to Kathmandou. It would be good to talk to you if possible but not quite sure how to do this via this website.
    My telephone number is 0033 607543506

  4. Hi Cyril,
    J’ai demandé à la personne que je connais bien à Katmandou de me faire un devis pour ce trek pour trois personnes. Je te tiens au courant dès que je sais quelque chose…
    P.S. La personne qui m’a contacté pour faire le même trek a eu aussi une proposition d’un organisateur de treks à Katmandou

  5. Hi Nicolas,
    I’m very keen to join you. Have you confirmed any dates etc
    I’m South African, live in New Zealand and this will be my 8th trip to Nepal. Makalu base camp is one f the few treks in Nepal which I have not yet done. I have not booked my flights so flexible. Please tell us more about your trip. Could you email me as it is easier.

  6. Hey Nicolas,
    Greetings from Nepal. I am an Indian currently based in Kathmandu. I am planning the Base camp combined with high passes. I am not much of a climber but have quite number of experiences of the passes of nepal. May i know the status of your trip as of many are in & wts the preparations?

  7. Just to give an update on this trip which is now confirmed departure 27 Oct Ktm/Num (we arrive Ktm on the 25th). We are 4 trekkers with back up including Climbing sherpa and porters. There might be a place for another trekker if there was someone who was interested. I have left my number higher up or post a message here.