Makalu Base Camp Trek – 15 Days

See Everest from a unique angle, it’s eastern Kangshung face.
Gain views of eastern Nepal, as far away as Kanchenjunga.
Witness the rural life of Nepal’s distinct Rai and Sherpa culture.
Spot some of the rarest wildlife in Nepal, including the Red Panda.

Exploring Barun valley, one of the most beautiful mountain valleys and the laps of Makalu, the world’s fifth highest mountain, by crossing two exciting mountain passes Siptom-La and Keke La Pass make this trek a super adventure. The trekkers need to take a 45-minute flight to Tumlingtar from Kathmandu to start the trek. From Tumlingtar they need to take a jeep all the way to Chichila and stay overnight. The actual trek starts from Chichila and extends along the rhododendron forests to the heavenly waterfalls and glaciers. The spectacular views of Makalu and several other peaks including Mt. Everest further beautify this journey. The natural beauty and the unique adventure of Makalu Base Camp Trek make it one of the must-visit destinations in the Himalayas.

During the initial phase of trekking, most of the trails demand continuous hiking for days making it a bit tiresome for a novice trekker. However, the best adventure along the peaceful and pristine trails gives anyone the perfect joy of trekking. The 15-days trek offers acclimatization stays at the right elevation to adjust to the quick fluctuation in altitudes. Since the less number of trekkers come to explore Makalu Base Camp, the trek is a heavenly journey for peace lovers. Barun National Park is one of the richest and deepest national park of Nepal. Explore the flora and fauna in every step of this trek with cultural diversity and ethics of this region. We can explore the many lakes and wildlife like Yak, Bear, Musk deer, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, many species of birds during this trek.

We fly to Tumlingtar after breakfast and meet the rest of the crew members who will also be joining us for the trek. A moderately paced walk through the picturesque villages and lush mountain forests will take us to Num. A ridgeline with great views on both side and perched on the end, this is Num for us. Overnight in Num.

DAY2: NUM – SEDUWA (1,500M)
A steep descent through forests and terraced farms takes us to Barun River. We cross the river and follow an equally steep ascent up the other side again. Often quite hot – the forest on the valleys offer a bit of shade. This is where Makalu Barun National Park begins and where we register our permits. We camp right at the top of the village. Overnight in Seduwa.

Ascend the ridge bounded by the Ipsuwa Khola on the west and Kasuwa Khola to the east. Crossing the hillside through quiet villages and passing by small paddy fields, we reach the exotic village of Tashi Gaon. overnight stay.

We will ascend through forests to a stream and then onto a ridge. From here the trail gets even steeper and passes a Kharka (grazing land) and finally follows a series of rough stone stairs and small lakes ascending to the top of the ridge. From here it’s a short way down to Khongma.

We ascending towards the summit of the Shipton La (pass) which takes a few hours to reach. After the lake Kalo Pokhari (3930m), pass over the Keke La at 4,170m. We can see the marvelous views of Chamlang (7321m), Peak 6 (6,524m), and Peak 7 (6,758m). After crossing the Keke La pass, we descend through the beautiful valley to Dobate.

Today we pass through the rhododendron forest which leads to the Barun River and the upper reaches of the valley. We should be very careful during the first two hours of the trek as the trail is steep and arduous. We then take a pleasant walk, slowly gaining altitude until we arrive at Yangri Kharka situated at the base of the valley.

The valley, we pass through yak pastures, lush forests, and boulder fields. The valley walls tower imposingly above us during the start of the trek. We pass Merek as we make our way further up and notice a significant rise in the scenic Himalayan views. Overnight in Langmale Kharka.

Today is the day we make it to the Base Camp. From Langmale Kharka we make our way up to Shershong and eventually to Makalu Base Camp. The trail is flat with icy glaciers and snow-cop mountains accompanying us. Mount Makalu comes into view as we approach Shershong. As we make our way to the camp, we get to soak in the majestic Himalayan panorama surrounding us. Overnight at Makalu Base Camp.

The Base Camp is a rocky barren place with the large Barun Glacier beyond it. From here we can see the magnificent south face of Makalu and the complete panorama of Everest and Lhotse. We can explore the surrounding lakes, glaciers, and go for a short trek up where we may celebrate our accomplishment at the camp itself.

We descend down from the base camp and take our last glimpse of Makalu before turning the corner and heading back. On our way down, we pass through Shershong, Langmale Kharka, Merek, and descend down the valley finally stopping at Yangri Kharka.

Yangri Kharka we descend through rock falls, green forests, and valley, making our way towards Dobate. We follow the river banks of Barun as we descend down the trail.

We start the trek with a steep climb from Dobate to Mumbuk (Nambuk) and through a forest of firs and rhododendrons. We then cross the Keke La, Tutu La (Shipton’s Pass), and Kauma La en route. Next, we descend to Khongma Danda again. Overnight in Khongma Danda.

The trek continues with frequent long and steep descent cutting through the hillsides. We then cross the hillside and come across villages and settlements as we move further down finally stopping at Seduwa again.

We leave Seduwa and trek through lush forests towards Num. after num we drive to Khatbari Along the Tumlingtar approx 5 hour .overnight stay Tumlingtar.

We fly back to Kathmandu after our long trek in the mountains. We can rest and relax throughout the day at our hotel or get in touch with our loved ones.



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