Makalu Barun Valley Trek

UPDATE: All trekking plans on halt for personal reasons.

No concrete plans yet regarding the itinerary or the logistics. Tentatively looking at March/April start but flexible with dates.

Part of the trek is fairly remote and requires camping and carrying your own food, so looking for experienced trekkers who aren’t fussy about local conditions.

Do let me know if it interests you and we can work out a plan.



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  1. Hello,

    I had attempted Makalu trek in April 2015 but extreme storm conditions meant that I could not complete the trek when i was just 1 day away from the base camp. Snow was almost knee deep in the end and I was running out of money. I want to attempt it again this year but I guess shipton la is crossable only in first week of april? Let me know what is your plan. In 2016, me and a friend had successfully completed the upper and lower dolpo (Numa La/Baga La) trek independently. I have my own personal tent , equipements and a camping stove. Is 1st week of april good with you?

  2. Also, most of this trek is a teahouse trek up until Yangle Kharka but the earthquake of 2015 destroyed a lot of these apparently. So can you find out if these are rebuilt ? Some trek agencies in thamel would know I guess.

  3. Hi Srinivas,

    I am actually looking at start of April as tentative start. I haven’t finalized anything yet though. Will update you in the coming weeks.


  4. Sure, let me know. There is a remote Barun valley trek south of yangle kharkha which i have heard is beautiful with dense forests. A local told me it takes about 4-5 days to get to Num via this route. Are u interested in this ? But we need more people, gps, maps etc for this route as you wont see a single soul in this route.

    • hi srinivas.. late to jump into the conversation, but i’m keen to know more about this alternate route and which villages it goes through. got a good map or gradient profile for this one? any idea if its accessible in the winters?

  5. Yes, I am also interested to trek that section.


  6. Hi Srinivas,

    So we’re planning to start on the first week of April. A friend will also be joining. If everything works out, we’re also leaving the option open to leave on the last week of March. Would you have that flexibility?

    In any case, we’re about 90% sure to leave on the 1st of April, and we also plan to trek through the more remote areas of Barun Valley.


  7. Hi Sweta,

    I will let you know soon! How many days of trek do u think it will be approximately?

  8. Hello,
    Is this still up to date (starting at the end of september)?
    I’d love to trek in that area. If you’ve already done it, can I ask for some advice?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Hey Kevin I’m leaving for Makalu base camp end of September. Want to continue from Makalu base camp over sherapani col to connect Makalu and everest areas. Should be an epic trek, look for my post if your interest