Makalu and kenchenjunga trek


I am in KTM at the moment and will probably find my way to do the makalu base camp and then link it to the Great Himalayan Trail to the kenchenjunga area, where a permit is necessary and two people. I know I can get around without a guide\porter by paying a bit more, but would like to meet someone to do so. planning to do this in 3 weeks. I would like to leave in the next few days.

email me at francois_clark at hotmail dot com if you are interested… I do not check this page oftern

or call me at 9813331936, local cell in nepal.





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  1. hey, when is that exactly? tryi9ng to go for the full kangchenjunga starting around 10th of sept. is that good for you? pls give ,me a call: 9808349424.

    thanks, ivan