Machupicchu (Salkantay trail-independent)

Hello! My name is Chaewon (pronounced Che-One)

The plan is to hike from Mollepata to Machupicchu over five days along Salkantay trail.

It’s a bit more challenging yet less touristy alternative to inca trail. The view is apparently amazing and the trail easy to navigate. I’ve been doing research online and found a lot of resources. I’ll post at the bottom.

I’m planning on renting a tent, sleeping bag, and hiking boots.
I’m open to suggestions regarding food. Willing to go on a cereal, powder milk diet for few days, but also with company, would be worth carrying cooking tools.

We could use the next few weeks to develop a more concrete plan, and maybe meet up in cusco to rent gears.

Please send me a whatsapp if you’re interested! I’m very open to suggestions/changes.
My whatsapp is ‭+56 9 6796 2570‬

I’m a 22 years old traveler from Korea. Just graduated from a college in Massachusetts, U.S. And I’ve been traveling for 3 months now. In the past, I’ve done multiday hikes in the Appalachian trail in the U.S., Xiongla Pass in Tibet, Tiger Leaping Gorge in China and various mountains in Korea. However, this is my first time looking for travel companions abroad online!

FYI, my friend from college who currently lives in California might be joining me for the trekking, but I’m waiting for confirmation.

Salkantay Trek without a Guide

Salkantay trek solo, without group or guide

South Korea


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