Lycian Way (Turkey) Oct-Nov’13


I am planning to walk the entire length of Lycian way all the way from Fethiye to Antalya which may take 25 days, sometime in Oct-Nov this year. Its all in the most initial phase so lots of room for suggestions and planning.

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  1. Hi Ebru

    I realised it too yday. That forum was started by Belinda n it could be she removed it for some reason. Last time i checked 1st oct was a go and am sticking to it. Hopefully she’d communicate in coming days.


  2. I am sticking to it too. Lets see how this will turn out.


    • Hi

      I just also noticed my previous posts gone. It also wouldn’t let me log in and I had to create another account. Strange!

      Have any of you heard what has been happening recently in Turkey? I have just been on a tour in Peru with a Turkish girl who alerted me to the protests etc taking place. She advised against travel there and said she didn’t think it would be safe in Oct either.


  3. Moderator

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry about the issue with your earlier posts. I had moved all the partner requests over to a new system and had to move each one manually (copy & paste). I tried to get all of them that still had future departure dates, but looks like I missed yours. Again, sorry, and hopefully it doesn’t cause too much damage…

    • Hey!

      Alex no problem..everything’s under control!

      As for Turkey protests, they started with a milder issue and got catapulted to much more serious heights. I hope its gonna be peaceful and things will return to normal pretty soon. There’s still time in october n I’ve my fingers crossed.

      Ebru what say you?

    • Hi Adil

      I’m thinking before we book flights or make solid plans we wait it out a couple of months to see what happens. Hopefully it does settle down and we can trek still. I just don’t want to make arrangements then cancel.

      What about in August we assess again?

  4. Hi Belinda

    Yeah thats sounds good.

    • Hello guys,

      I was on a short trip and now I am back. I have been in Turkey more than a month now. The demonstrations are concentrated in a few city centers and you feel nothing outside these cities. Even in Istanbul , outside the demonstration areas life continues normally. However a lot of things happening recently in different countries, even tourists do not feel an immediate effect of the events, travel may get difficult for foreigners if things get worse. Although I do not expect this to happen in Turkey following events very closely, I think it is a good idea to wait and assess later. I will be out of touch between Aug 10-Aug 25 on a trip in Nepal. I am still reserving October for a possible trek on the Lycian way.

  5. Hi Ebru and Adil.

    Shall we make a decision on if it is safe to do this trek just before you go on leave Ebru? Or when you get back at the end of August?

    I’m just mindful of leaving it to late to make other plans if required.


  6. Hello,

    I would like that very much since there are other opportunities coming up for me in October but I cannot promise because of uncertainty in this trip. A decision made soon would put me at ease although given the situation I completely understand you guys.


  7. Hi guys

    I feel it is safe to proceed with our plans and we can start with the necessary arrangements. It’s better if we can have a group chat rather than replying to posts. My cell no is +919891651518


  8. Adil and Ebru

    My email is If you want to email rather then chat on here that is ok by me. I don’t have a phone as I’m travelling. I’m currently in Italy but will be back in London on Monday and can try to get access to a phone.

    If you both feel it is safe I’m happy to proceed and make bookings. Are you still keen to walk the whole way? Or part way?


  9. Belinda & Ebru

    The idea was to have a conversation but no worries we can continue writing here. My aim is to hopefully complete the walk which i read people have achieved in 20-25 days with a two day rest in between. Whats your plan and how much time u can give to the walk? Im gonna arrange my visa n tickets soon. Im thinking of reaching istanbul on 1st oct. what say u?

  10. Ebru

    Are you still keen to go ahead?

    I may need to fly out of Turkey by 23 October, so happy to start a few days before the start of October to allow enough time. Either that or I can skip the last part and catch a bus out.

    Does that suit you Adil?

  11. I might be able to do later than 23 oct, just in the process of getting passport extended

  12. dates are flexible +- a week cause currently its only turkey for me and can match dates with you and Ebru. So both of you go ahead and give me a date. Also does it mean you plan to go all way too? What say you Ebru?

  13. Either way is fine with me. Belinda, let us know when you can start as soon as you know. I suggest we start from Fethiye and see if we like the path enough to complete the whole way. You can take a bus to Fethiye from Istanbul ( appr 12 hours) or fly to Dalaman and take a bus from the airport ( appr 1 hour). At the finish, you can directly fly to Istanbul from Antalya airport. It is a busy airport and there are frequent flights to Istanbul.


  14. Sounds good to me.

  15. Great!!! I will know in the next couple of days so we can lock in plans. I’ve been reading a few blogs on people who have done it and time frames for completion range from 17 – 25 days. Some people skip some ‘boring’ bits by bus as you suggested Ebru. Would be great to have some rest or easy days planned in there to relax too as suggested by Adil


    Will keep you both posted.

  16. Hi all

    I’m good to go, ill know in the next week if I arrive on the 2/3 of October

    Shall we take this offline now and just communicate via email. I’d prefer that.

    My email is, you can find me on Facebook too.

  17. Hi Ebru..whats your email id?

  18. i think i’ve ur id in one of the mails

  19. Looks good!!! 🙂