Lungser Kangri summit

Planning a trip to Lungser Kangri, the highest non-technical peak in Ladakh at an impressive height of 6666m. It’s on the banks of Tso-Moriri, a beautiful enormous high altitude lake. Expected trip length of 20 days Leh to Leh. Stay posted for additional details.

The expedition would be for 22 days Leh to Leh. The initial acclimatisation would be for 4 days when we visit places in and around Leh. High altitude acclimatisation would follow this as we trek across 2 passes of nearly 6000m height in the next 11 days. Finally we reach the base-camp and climb to the summit and back in the nest 4 days. One day to return to Leh and one day contingency for any bad weather or altitude sickness. I’m following this to ensure nobody gets hit by altitude sickness when we push for the summit attempt.



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  1. Do you have any further details yet? Are you fixed on the date?

    • Updated details above. And I’m ready to postpone the trip by a week.