Lukla to Everest Base Camp (on/around 11 Feb to 03 March 2014)

I’ve semi- completed this same trip back in February 2009. Went solo, but ended up trekking with a guy from Poland who got altitude sickness. the symptoms were slight at first, then got mid-evil at Gorac Shep. we tried to evacuate him- but he kept refusing the helicopter due to a lack of funds. needless to say, my trip was cancelled due to the over whelming act of saving the life of a fellow trekker. now I have another opportunity to try again in February.

What: Trekking from Lukla to Everest Base Camp

When: 11th February thru to 3rd of March.

Why: Low Season, fewer people, warm low/cold high

Accommodation: Tea Houses, Local cuisine & Porter

Cost: Figure 3,000 Rupees a day for Tea houses/Food/Hot Shower.

Route: Lukla, Pakding, Monjo, Namche Bazaar, Tingbotche, Dingbotche, Lobuche & Gorac Shep. this is flexible, we can make more stops.

Time: 10 Days trekking to Gorak Shep is about minimum (depending on fatigue level) then 4 or 5 days to trek out is pushing it.. Exiting is usually faster- Were going down in elevation, no need to worry about altitude sickness.

About me: I’m a non-smoker, non drinker, easy going & semi fitness freak oriented. Currently living in Bangkok Thailand. Also, in my arsenal of goodness is a 20 year history of surgical nursing experience (Orthopedic clinic) and various other training achievements under my belt. (retired just 2 months ago)

Lets break the ice & organize a trekking experience in Nepal.


Rich Mac

United States


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  1. Rich Mac,
    I am a relatively fit 65 year old (trekking experience to summit of Kilimanjaro in 2013; to about 4,800 metres on Elbrus – Russia in 2012 (I didn’t summit because it was not part of the plan!) and a high trek to about 4,000 metres in Kyrgyzstan in 2005).
    I am non smoker and a very light drinker of wine and Vodka (for manners in the Russian speaking world). I am also patient and easy going and like to take photos.

    I am looking to spend about 15 days from Lukla to Lukla but would also like to include the Gokyo Lakes in the trek. EBC is first priority. I would also like to have guide/porter.

    I am looking to start about one week later as I would like to spend a few weeks in Russia, working on my language skills and finish about one week later. Post trek I want about a week in Thailand and must be back in Australia 20 or 21 March for a family event.

    Let me know if your interested.


  2. Alan,
    Thank you for writing back. I apologize for my late reply…..

    Im really flexible & without time constraints. will available 01 February thru the time youve mentioned, no problem. Just looking for a comfortable/slow trek from Lukla & back via B/C & Kalapatar. I agree with your porter recommendation and extra bit to Gokyo Lakes. Im living in Bangkok now- life is a bit easier in asia.

    Email me-

    Lets get the plan in motion.


  3. Alan,
    Sorry, your trekking service needs & itinerary are very suspect to me. Gorakshep, Gokyo lakes & back to Lukla is a long adventure. Not to mention, shorter than I was expecting. Count me out.

    Have a fantastic Adventure! Be safe.


  4. im a 21 year old student of average fittnes and Im heading to Nepal at the start of february, and i am looking to do a trek to Everest basecamp. I have experiance trekking but not far above 2000m. I have to be in delhi by the 2nd of march,

    Does this fit in your travel plan?

  5. Im thinking of arriving to KMD on 10th Feb- buy gear, food & flight to lukla on 12th feb.

    start trekking on 12th feb. 10 days to Gorakshep- and take about 5 days to trek out and back to Lukla.

    we take it slow and easy- what are your thoughts for the itinerary?

  6. Hey Rich,

    Happy New Year. You seem to be an experienced guy.

    I am looking to trek EBC in Feb/Mar but my decision rests on following queries. Could you help me out.

    1. How is the weather conditions. Since I live in a coastal region I might feel colder than usual so I was thinking of starting trek in mid March.
    2. I am a non-smoker/non-drinker and fit. I was an athlete and swimmer and love to be fit. I have done some trek in the Indian region of Himalayas around 15000 ft.
    3. DO I buy all gears including trekking bag, boots etc or can I rent it for sure in Kath.
    4. Since ticket prices are soaring up so I want to book it. So, what dates have you finalized.
    5. Do we hire potters in lukla so that we save their flight tkts and have more money to spend on the trek routes. I am also on a tight budget.
    6. Are you only interested in EBC or while returning we can do Gokyo.

    It would be great if you give me clarity above to take a decision. Ideally we should have a mixed group of 4-5 ppl for the journey to be interesting otherwise its too lonely. I have seen quite a few videos of EBC.
    I am really gung-ho over trekking EBC in Feb end or March.

    You can reach me at


  7. Just came back from KMD. The trip turned out to be a shitty one. This time I hired a porter using a guide service. big mistake.

    The ANNAPURNA GUEST HOUSE in Thamel is not recommended. The Guiding Service/Travel desk in the same hotel is a scam. They exploit their own people in the mountains. Prices are higher at the tea houses- I had a 3,000 Rupee a day budget. You need to eat a generous amount of food & drink litres of water at every place you stay.

    Better have a warm sleeping Bag- 0 degrees. No wood to burn above namche Bazaar – all Kerosine. Yuk.

    If you need a porter that bad, hire him from lukla. he will not get ripped off by the greedy fellows from Kathmandu. It open exploitation, plain & simple.

  8. hey rich..
    i m interested in this particular trek.
    I have done leh- ladakh ride last year.
    can u let me know you final plan?