Hello everyone!

I’m planning to hike the trail from Lukla via Namche to Renjo La, Gokyo, Cho La, to Kala Pattar and EBC. I’ve already got my return flight tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla on 25th October and 10th November. Would like to cover these areas during the 16 day hike.

I have some experience of climbing and trekking. I’d like to find two or three people to trek with as it’ll be more fun than trekking alone. I was thinking of possibly hiring a porter/guide and going from teahouse to teahouse. If you have a similar plan/itinerary, send me message or leave your email and I’ll get back to you.

I’m currently in Kathmandu but from 7th – 23rd October, I’ll be in Tibet. I’m a British 35 yo male. Anyone welcome! Looking forward to hearing from you!





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  1. Hi,
    We’re setting off for EBC, Island Peak and Mera Peak. There are 5 of us and 2 of us will return after Island Peak.

    In case you’re interested, do let me know. We hope to setoff on the 25th of October.
    Warm regards

  2. Hey Neill,

    I am really interested in joining you. I don’t have my tickets yet but I plan to arrive to Kathmandu on the 23rd and I would fly back on the 12th. I’ve done a bit of climbing and trekking myself (though a while ago). I wouldn’t be against hiring a porter/guide. I am 30yo, female.

    As for the itinerary, you’re thinking of something like this?
    It has 16 active days including the flights to/from Lukla.

    Let me know!


  3. Hi 7Lakmal,

    Thanks for the message but I’m not planning on climbing Island peak or Mera peak this time. If things change I’ll let you know, cheers

  4. Hi Maya,

    Thanks too for the reply. You’re itinerary looks almost identical to the one I was planning! 🙂 My flight to Lukla is on the 25th, with 16 active days, with the flight back on day 17 (10th Nov), just in case. If want, let’s attempt it together!

    It’s best to get flight tickets to and from Lukla soon as fights might get sold out. If you like I can check for you.

    I’m going to Tibet from 7th to 23rd Oct but you can reach me on here or at or on Facebook.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.