Lukla-EBC-Renjo La-Gokyo-Cho La-Lukla

I’m a 39 years old Italian solo traveller and I’m planning to do the Lukla/EBC/Renjo La/Gokyo/Cho La/Lukla trek (plus eventual side trips) in about 15-20 days starting on the 15th October from Lukla. This is my first time to Nepal but I’m accustomed to mountain (GRs in Dolomites, Pyrenees, Corsica). I have been considering hiring a guide but I wouldn’t mind doing it independently if we are a group of two or three. If by such date someone is around Lukla, please contact with me: we can try to arrange the trip together!




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  1. Hi Giovanni,

    I am a male from Sweden. I am also planning to do the full the Full Everest Trek, including Gokyo Lake in October, I would like to make make you company. October 15 is a good date for me. Currently, I have been staying in Kathmandu for over a month now as I am volunteering at an orphanage and school.

    I have basic knowledge about trekking since I have only been trekking in northern Sweden and the Balkans.

    If you are interested just
    just send me an email and then we could get to know each other and see if our plans match.


  2. Hi Giovanni,

    I’m a 38 yo Australian male – and I’ve essentially got the identical trip organised. For that reason I’m very locked in on dates but this may still suit you. I arrive KTM on 18th Oct – then fly to Lukla early am on the 20th Oct to commence trekking. On the trail for 15/16 days.

    My itinerary is pretty much identical to yours, and I have a guide already organised. I use a company that organize guide, permits, internal flights etc – I sort out my own accommodation and food when up in the mountains. I’ve been to Nepal twice previously, but never trekked Everest region so very excited. I’m on my own at this point but definitely keen to see if anyone wants to join.

    If you want to chat further I can send my itinerary through – email me at:

    Moi – same applies for you too – please get in contact if you’d like to discuss further! Even if we do become a group of 2-3 I still recommend the guide – they’re usually fantastic, you learn a lot more, and you make a new friend!


  3. Hi Moi, I’ll reply soon to you by message!
    Hi Lachlan, I’d prefer to start on the 15th itself, but if for any reason I change my plan I’ll tell you. Thanks anyway and good luck!

  4. Hello Giovanni and Moi,

    I am 24 years old, male, from Montana (U.S.). I am volunteering in Kathmandu through December. I have backpacked New Zealand, the Canadian rockies recently for three weeks, and much of the U.S.

    I want to do the same trek – the three high passes, EBC, and Chukkung/any side trips. Oct. 15th is great for me and I have a flexible time schedule. I will send you both an email and see what you have planned and if you are interested in having another person join you!


  5. Hi Giovanni and Moi,

    I arrive to Kathmandu on Oct 16th. Did you guys decide when to leave yet? I would really love to join your trip (not sure about Renjo La, but EBC – Cho La and Gokyo RI are on my list). I am 30ye female, have trekked a bit in the Northern Russia and in the Alps. I guess my first starting date might be 18th.

    Let me know!

  6. Looking at the same 3 Passes route. Would love to start this weekend 12 or 13 or early next week. Unguided. 2-4 folks.

    Anyone interested? Or already going and have room for another person?