Lower Dolpo Trek

I want to trek in Lower Dolpo beginning of march. (I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 10th march)
Because permit is only issued for groups of a minimum of 2 people I´m looking for an companion.
I have already found an agency.

I did Annapurna, Manaslu and Khumbu before, therefore I´m looking for new horizons ;-))

The itinerary (flexible) would be as following:

Day 03: Kathmandu fly to Nepalgunj.

Day 04: Nepalgunj fly to Juphal then trek to Dunai 2140 meters.

Day 05: Dunai to Tarakot, (2537m.)

Day 06: Tarakot to Laina Odar, (3370m.)

Day 07: Laina Odar to Ghyamgar (3756m.)

Day 08: Ghyamgar to Dho Tarap, (3944m.)

Day 09: Exploration day.

Day 10: Dho tarap to Numala Base Camp (4440m.)

Day 11: Numala Base camp to Bagala Base Camp, (4115m.)

Day 12: Bagala base Camp to yak kharka, (3982m.)

Day 13: Yak kharka to Ringmogaun Phoksundo, (3733m.)

Day 14: Ringmogaun to Chepka, (2838m.)

Day 15: Chepka to Sulighat, (2282m.)

Day 16: Sulighat to Juphal (2475m.)

Day 17: Juphal fly to Nepalgunj then fly to Kathmandu.



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  1. Our timing is off. I’m looking for trekkers for the Dhaulagiri leaving 23-24 March. I already have a guide, etc. Would be interested in the Dolpo instead if our timing wasn’t off! Good luck!

  2. Hi Edwin,
    Are you still looking for someone to share the permit with, possibly interested. Not new to trekking in Nepal, do like to trek at my own pace and not be rushed. Was hoping to do Upper Mustang but not working out so looking at other options.

    • Hi Np,
      Because Dolpo can only be done with an Agency I fixed the plan now. I will start on 12 March from Kathmandu. With one guide and Porter. I also love Independent Trekking/travelling. If you are interested you can send me a direct message to communicate the Details.

    • Hey Np,

      Are you still looking for someone to trek with?
      I’m looking for someone to trek with in the Nar phu valley area.
      I would like to take it easy and have time to acclimatise when necessary, observe animals and enjoy the landscape.

  3. Hello Helena

    I have committed to the Lower Dolpo trek now which starts on 11/3/18. Edwin would be the best person to contact if wanting to join as I ‘piggy backed ’ onto his trek.

  4. To bad, I can’t make it at such short notice, but thanks for letting me know.