Lower dolpa

Hey everyone, im first headed to the three passes and afterward i would like to hike in the dolpa region. If i can find a partner then upper dolpa would be something id be interested in. As of now its just me so i dont want to double pay the restricted fees since all groups need to have two. I can afford lower dolpa by myself but would like to find 1-3 more people. Its more fun that way. This is my 5th time to nepal amd dolpa will be my 8th trek there. I jave a guide that ive used in kanchenjunga, manaslu and nar phu. He is incredible and really fun to hike with. Im a steady hiker but have no problems sitting down and relaxing. My itinerary is up in the air and if anyone is interested we can figure out a route. I prefer higher routes or at least routes that offer many passes. Mayne a lower and upper dolpa combo? If anyone is interested please get back to me. Cheers, john.



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