Looking for partners for hiking in Europe in early August.

im 20 years old, israeli, wish to hike and meet with other people.
im planning to go to switzerland low alps and the emmental area, but im really flexible and can compromise on french\german\austrian alps, and even the pyrenees.



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  1. Planing the same thing, dunno where to start.

    • im thinking about start in spanish pyrenees do some hiking for a week or two and then move to switzerland to hike some more. i have a few ideas about trails, but im really flexible about this whole thing. how much time do you want to travel?

  2. I’m undecided yet cuz it really just depending on the budget. I have my vacation starting from the end of July to early Oct. so yeah I don’t mind traveling as long I don’t run out of money. Problem is, I don’t even know how much it’s gonna cost for hiking for, say like 1 week? lol Sorryyyy, I’m a total beginner!

    • The budget pretty much depends on how you want to do your hike, like if you want to sleep outside or in gesthouse or even a hotel. it depends what you want to eat and things like this… i can tell you that i was traveled to switzerland last year for 7 days of hiking and my budget was 1000 Euro. including flights to israel and back, trains and buses from the airport and so, plus i was slept all 7 nights in pretty fine hotels and gesthouses. and i spend exactly 1000 euro..

    • Ok thx a lot but assuming u payed 500 for ur plane tickets, 500 for 7 days sounds quite a lot to me so I won’t tell u that I’m in now but I’ll let u no asap if I’m gonna do it, and in this case I’m certain as the sun that I won’t be staying in “pretty fine hotels”. Either way, good luck and have fun!

  3. I’d be interested . Could you give a bit more details please and your budget. Also prospective dates.

    bdw would you be interested in this http://trekkingpartners.com/requests/backpacking-to-kuala-lumpur/




    • Hey there Nisarg.
      my plans are to hike some time, lets say a week, in the spanish pyrenees, and then go to switzerland and hike for something like 3 weeks. i like switzerland and know it very well so i want to make my big hike there, and not in spain. i never been in spain so i want to explore it for a while. like hike one week and spend few days in barcelona and then keep on moving to switzerland.

      i want to sstart in spain in around july 20 (but pretty flexible).
      im offer anyone to join me for the short trip in spain or the long in switzerland or both or even for few days in the middle. im even flexible about going to france or italy for a few days in the middle for exprience more of europe.

      tell me what you think..

  4. Hey Ran,

    sounds like a terrific plan and I’d be a fool not to join you, especially for the swiss leg.

    But the thing is I’m a budget traveler and since I come from India, the fares are a huge chunk. Since you are doing it in July hardly leaves me time to search for a good deal.

    So unless you are doing this next year or late this year, it’s difficult for me.
    Look forward to joining you for future treks.

    Bdw lemme know if you are interested in this. http://trekkingpartners.com/requests/backpacking-to-kuala-lumpur/


  5. Hello,
    I am planning on traveling to Austria in the middle of July and am wanting to hike from hut to hut in the alps. I’m also thinking about hiking in Slovenia before I arrive in Austria.

    • Anyone have any interest in doing the haute route with me from
      Chamonix France to zermatt Switzerland? About 10

  6. Are you done with your trek, or still walking around?
    I want to a short part, Saxon Switzerland between Germany and Czech Republic… Would be cool.

  7. Hi,
    still looking for a hiking parter?
    I would like to do a trek in the Pyrenees somewhere mid August.
    Let me know if you’re interested.