Looking for friends to bike from Amsterdam to Haarlem

Were planning to cycle from Amsterdam to Haarlem and possibly to the sea. We are looking for people interested in coming along! It should take just over an hour one way, and then we will check out the city, windmills and hopefully Zuid-Kennemerland National Park!



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  1. Hi Michelle!

    I think that sounds like a wonderful day trip! I am in Amsterdam now as well and am interested in checking out Haarlem and the seaside and maybe some windmills too. I wonder how we can find more people to come?


  2. Moderator

    I’d love to join! I’m hoping to come to Netherlands to visit some old friends. As you’re looking for new friends, I’d be happy if we all got together and did this day cycle you mentioned. My plans are still uncertain, though, so I’ll keep you informed. But nice to know there are some friendly faces on the streets of Amsterdam.

  3. Moderator

    Looks like I’m coming to Amsterdam on Dec. 13 but that will be too late to join you guys on this bicycle trip. And I only have 3 hours between flights, which makes it even harder. BUT, where there is a will there is a way.

  4. Glad you can make it to canal land! Hopefully your flights are delayed!