Limi Valley

I, 63y and a CH citizen, am searching for up to 5 additional partners for a trek from Simikot through the Limi valley, in a clockwise direction, with a visit to Til. I intend to contract the logistics of this trip, which will involve a guide, cook and mules. The starting date would be 8.10.2022 with return to Katmandu on the 28th. This trip is well-described in trekking books covering western Nepal, but it’s certainly not the most-popular area. Look at pictures in any book; it is dry, remote and sparsely populated… and hardly a usable road in sight. The price would vary, depending on how many participants take part.

I also posted looking for partners for a trek in the Upper Dolpo, which would end a few days before this trip begins. It would be possible to reverse the order of the trips, if that would be more convenient to potential partners.
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