Let me be your casual trip partner!

I’m living in Vancouver at the moment with a ton of spare time this summer and looking to spend 99% of my summer outdoors. I lack transport but can contribute to gas money and will be good company!

I’d love to get out hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, mountaineering, fishing, paddling or anything else you have in mind!

So if you’ve ever got a free spot in the car and don’t mind meeting new people – I’m your man!


New Zealand


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  1. Hey Sam
    I am planning to do a 6 day backpacking adventure across Glacier National Park starting August 5. Are you a big backpacker and if so would be interested. Im flying out solo, probably because none of my friends here in Atlanta GA are well enough equipped to backpack.
    let me know
    Stanley Dieleman

    • Oh damn that sounds incredible! I wish I was able to join you! Unfortunately part of my working visa in Canada requires me to stay in Canada for 9 more months before I can enter the U.S, plus I’m working from July 22nd until August 16th so can’t make it.

      Thanks heaps for the thought though. Will definitely be an area I’ll visit when I arrive in the U.S early next year.