Langtang with frozen lakes


After finishing the Annapurna around, I’m up for the next adventure. The plan is to start the langtang and on the way back to go to the lakes. Independent trekking, without guides and porters.



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  1. Hello!

    I’m also planning to do the langtang trek! But i was thinking about 8 days. I’m a beginner in trekking, just did the poonhill few weeks ago. I was thinking about going with a guide but it’s quite expansive and not nesecarry I think..

    About myself: I’m 23 years old and a student from the Netherlands. I did some voluteering for 5 weeks in Pokhara and now exploring Nepal..

    Let me know if you are interested in combining something..


  2. Hi Alex
    so you are leaving for doing the Langtangtrek (+Gosaikund?) the day after tommorow? might be interested in joining… the trek seems nice – forgot about it again as i was just dreaming of doing manaslu but with a guide and all the permits it s going to be far to expensive for me…. so back to0: back to langtang – no guide – no porters and only 1000rps for permit, right?? 🙂
    i’m in pokhara right now… would probable come nevertheless to kathmandu tomorrow however fast replie would be great!
    thanks hopeto hear about zour plans!!

  3. Hej Rosa are you still in pokhara?
    would be nice to meet – to go to kathmandu together!

  4. Heey malina, no i’m already in Kathmandu.. i think its a litlle bit more because you also has to buy a tims card 30 dollar..

  5. hej rosa
    thanks 🙂 – yah thought about that as well yesterday – nevertheless it’s still quit affordable…
    ok, i’ll come to Kathmandu today – will probable arrive in the early evening! Where do you stay in KTM? staying at the same place would be nice and we could arrange things together!
    cool, hope to see you soon

  6. Sounds good! I stay at Tibet peace guest house.. yeah maybe we can meet tonight to talk about the trip.. see you!

  7. Hey Malina and Rosa,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu tomorrow and I would love to meet you guys! Your plans sounds really cool and depending on when you’re leaving I might be interested in joining you! Im not a very experienced trekker but I have lots of enthusiasm! Im 21 and from the netherlands. I just did 3.5 months in SEA, I, currently in bangkok and getting on a flight to nepal in a few hours. Im super excited about exploring nepal and especially about getting some quality time with nature. Let me know if you would like to meet tomorrow! Thanks and see you soon hopefully!

  8. Haha, sure! Tomorrow i will preparing the trip i think.. let us know are in kathmandu!

  9. @ malina, let me know of you are here! I’m staying in another bar now..

  10. Hi everyone, I will be making the arrangement tomorrow and will be leaving the day after. I suggest we meet tomorrow in the morning, any place in thamel will be fine. If someone here now, I’m staying at freak Street, near the main square. So if anyone near by will glad to meet tonight.

  11. hi everyone
    i just arrived
    anybody up for meeting now?

  12. yes, me as well i think to get TIMS and arrange things tommorow, leaving the day after sounds nice! Emma, you think that is going to work out for you? anyway lets meet tomorrow!
    i’m staying in cherry guesthous in thamel jp school road – same street as the pilgrims bookshop..
    whats about meeting for breackfast in snowman near freakstreet – i”ll go there around 10am tomorrowmorning – maybe see you there?? haha it’s like a blinddate 😉

  13. I already made plans to meet another partner for the trip at 10 in one of the agency. So I will be at Snowman at 9am. Hope to see you there.

  14. Okee.. i will be there too around 9. Don’t now where but I will figure it out ;).. nice if you can join Emma!!

  15. hej emma
    we met and bought bustickets for tomorrowmorning – let know us about your plans…. would be nice if you manage to join however it’s maybe a little bit shorttermed…

  16. @Emma, my.number is 9817126513, let us know! X

  17. Hey guys, thanks so much for letting me know, but I guess it is indeed a bit to short notice.. I need a few days to sort out permits/hiking equipment. Thanks tho and have a great trip!