Langtang Valley Trek

Hi, I’m Ester,

I’m planning to do the Langtang Valley Trek between the 5th and the 14th of September.
(My flights are these days from and to kathamndu)

It’s an easy trek, I have studied it and I have all the tracks in the gps, so a Guide is no necessary.
Anyway I would love to have a partner.

I have mountain experience.

I’m an architect, aged 26.



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  1. Hi Ester,

    Im Tenzing. I recently moved back to Kathmandu from Canada and looking to explore my country of birth :). I did the Annapurna Circuit last year (which is my 1 trekking experience in Nepal).

    Since I now live here the dates are flexible for me but I’m looking for a 7-14 day trek so yours sounds wonderful considering you have the tracks on gps etc.

    Have you already found a partner to do the trail with? To be honest, Im looking to complete a few different treks/trails this year and Langtang Valley is on the list.

    Im 34 and looking to get my own trekking company going… 🙂