Mardi Himal Trek

I’m planning on doing the Mardi Himal trek on about the 12th – 19th April 2019.

I’m looking for a trekking partner or group that I could tag along with for some or all of the trail.

I’m a 39 year old Australian, And am reasonably fit….I’m not supper keen on getting a porter/guide or joining a tour group as I’d rather tackle the trail independently. However it would be great to buddy up with anyone heading the same direction as it would be awesome to have some company and it’s always safer to trek with others.

I’m very laid back, easy to get along with. Would love to chat to any other solo trekkers or any groups who wouldn’t mind me tagging along.



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  1. Hi there. Sorry to hear about your trekking buddy. I am landing KTM on 12 April 2019 so will probably start trekking on 13 April. My flight back home is on 28 April. I haven’t still made up my mind yet whether to trek Langtang (and Gosaikunda Lakes) or Manaslu circuit. Let me know if you are open to both options (thus will require more than the 6 days you have posted). Thanks a lot

    • Hey Moiz, unfortunately I only have a short window on this trip. I’m now thinking either langtang or Mardi himal. Not sure but I think I read somewhere that you MUST have a guide for manaslu. If you did Mardi himal you could link it onto ABC or other nearby longer routes. Just a thought

  2. Hey..I am also planning for Langtang this March-April 2019. I did 1-2 treks in Nepal but I must not claim myself a fast trekker..would love to join you if that is ok

    • Hi. I have tentatively planned to start trek 16 April for 14 days covering Langtang, Gosainkunda and Helambu. Let me know what your plans are. Thanks

  3. i am travelling for langtang valley trekking on 7 april, 2019. i would like to join you.
    Anybody interested can join me if travelling on same dates.

  4. Hi James. Thanks for your reply. You are correct about min 2 trekkers required on Manaslu. I haven’t been able to find a mate so will most likely go to Langtang/Goisankunda/Helambu trek starting 16 April 2019.

    • Hey Moiz thanks for reply. I’ve changed my mind and have decided to do Mardi Himal instead of langtang. I’ll be in Pokhara from the 11th April and hitting the trail probably the 13th. If you might be interested in Mardi Himal and these dates work let me know

  5. Hi James, are you still looking for a trekking buddy? I’m planning to do either Mardi Himal (my first choice) or ABC (if I don’t find a partner for MH) in April. I’m flexible with the dates and was looking at starting the trek between April 10 and 17. I was born in France but I’ve been living in Canada for 10 years and I’ve done a fair amount of hiking in the Pacific Northwest but I never went over 2300m altitude and never more than 3 days so I’d feel more confident hiking with someone. I can talk if you want to talk but I’m also happy just hiking in silence and enjoying the views for a while. I’ll carry my own gear but I’m considering trying to find a reasonably-priced guide for the cultural experience. I like learning more about the countries I visit but I’m also on a tight budget so that’s why I’m looking at doing it independently with other like-minded people (1-2 max). I’m in Pokhara already, staying there until the trek, let me know of you want to meet up!

    • Hey Cathy, I’m still definitely hiking Mardi Himal. I’ll arrive in Pokhara late on the 11th, get TIMs etc on the 12th and look to hit the trail on the 13th. I originally planned to go with a friend but he pulled out so I’m travelling solo but not supper keen to hike alone. I do a lot of trail running and 1 or 2 multi day hikes per year but never at altitude. That’s my biggest concern and reason for wanting to hike with a partner and not completely alone. I’m really keen to take it slow and just enjoy the scenery. As I said above I’m very laid back and easy to get along with. We could meet up in person on the 12th April in Pokhara if you want and after that if you’re happy to, we could set off the next day. I’ve read just about everything you can read about MH if you want to chat more about my proposed itinerary or have any questions email me at

    • Hi Cathy/James
      Im Peter from Australia arriving KTM around the 10th and travelling solo. Im keen to meet up with other trekkers to share ideas experience and expenses. I have7-9weeks more than enough time to do both Annapurna and Everest at a very leisurely pace with side treks. Ive been once to Nepal in2007 with a trekking company visiting Poon Hill and Tengboche Monastery.
      Let me know if youre interested.



  6. Hi Peter, I’m hiking Mardi Himal (right next to ABC) on 13th – 19th April.
    Unfortunately I’m only in Nepal for a very short time so I have no flex to my itinerary or dates. I’m going to land in KTM on the 11th and most likely fly through to Pokhara on the the same day…..If you are in Pokhara on the 12th we can meet up….If you are landing in KTM on the 10th you’ll have time to get a bus if you’re on a budget. I was originally going to trek with a guide but if there’s a few of us I think we could go independent. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions 🙂 ….Just out of interest where in Australia are you from? I’m Melbourne.

  7. Hi James
    Im arriving KTM on the 11th (same as you) from Kuala Lumpur at 1pm so maybe we can meet in Kathmandu before you head out to Pokhara depending on your flight times etc?
    Im not a bus fan so I will be flying too but probably the next day Just have to decide where I start my trekking. Its a case of teaming up with someone or perhaps hiring a guide/porter. I understand some treks must have a guide? Not ABC ACT or EBC though. Do you know if TIMS passes are obtainable in Pokhara? I have to admit I haven’t done my research yet but will be having a look over the next few day>im also going to SE Asia after Nepal for scuba diving and will have a little bit of gear id prefer to leave in KTM if I can find a hotel that will mind it for me so will likely stay over night in KTM to arrange.

    Let me know if our flights might overlap at KTM and I look forward to meeting you. Im from Brisbane, and a LIons tragic

  8. Hi James

    Im interested to know your planned itinery for the trek regards overnight stops and sleeping altitudes.

    Ive seen a 5 day trek 5 Days Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary

    Day 01: Drive to Kande and trek to Deurali/ Pothana
    Day 02: Trek to the Low Camp 3150
    Day 03: Trek to the High Camp 3700
    Day 04: Hike to the Mardi Base Camp and trek down to Siding 4500 to 1700
    Day 05: Drive back to Pokhara.
    THis seems a little tight on acclimitisation to me and
    Im assuming you have 2 more days on the trail (13 to 19) so would like to know your itinery and your thoughts on sleeping heights acclimitisation times etc



  9. Hi peter,

    My itinerary would be:

    Day 1 (13th April)
    Taxi Jeep to kande (trail head) hike thru to Australian camp then up to Forest camp (4-5hrs, 2250m)

    Day 2
    Forrest camp to low camp 4-5 hrs (2990m)

    Day 3
    Low camp to high camp 3hrs (3580m)

    Day 4 up to lookout (4000m) if we feel good go for MHB (4500m) then return to high camp (3580m) (6-7 hours)

    Day 5
    High camp to Sidhing (1850m)6-7 hours

    Day 6
    Sidhing to lumre then get Jeep back to Pokhara.

    So highest sleeping point is high camp and highest climbing point is 4500m. My understanding of the accimitisation guidelines is this is borderline but probably ok if you don’t skip low camp like a lot of online agency itineraries seem to do.

  10. Hi James, I’m planning on starting Mardi Himal in the 14th, for 7 days, but I can move it a little bit. I was thinking about going solo but this is my first trek and I started to realize is not such a good idea to go on my own.
    I’m pretty laid back, and don’t mind walking in silence. I’m looking to have fun and enjoy nature more than coming back with a trophy, so I’m not eager to go on a fast pace. This is supposed to be fun!
    I’m already in Pokhara so let me know if you’re interested on some company.