Langtang Valley Trek


I am looking to trek in the Langtang Valley end of October.

As of now, it’s looking like my itinerary might be (but open to other ideas):

Oct 25th: Kathmandu to Syavrubesi (1460m; 6-7 hours drive)
Oct 26th: Trek Syavrubesi to Lama Hotel (2470m; 11.3km/7mi; 6-7 hours)
Oct 27th: Lama Hotel – Langtang Village (3430m; 5 hours)
Oct 28th: Langtang Village – Kyanjin Gompa (3900m; 4 hours)
Oct 29th: Rest Day in Kyanjin
Oct 30th: Kang Jing – Lama Hotel (2470m; 14.5km/ 9 miles; 7 hours)
Oct 31st: Lama Hotel – Syavrubesi (5-6 hours)
Nov 1st: Syavrubesi – Kathmandu (6-7 hours drive)

I have a ton of trekking experience, and am very familiar with hiking at altitude. I will most likely stay in teahouses along the way to minimize weight and also to bring money through tourism to the villages on the route. $300 is just an estimate of budget, but would likely be less I’m guessing?

I love traveling and meeting new people and would love to trek with others on this trip! Experiences can be richer when shared with others 🙂



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  1. I’ll be heading there around that time, but continuing on to Goisakund and over the pass. But if you want someone to tag along with for the first 6 days or so then drop me a message. Cheers, Dave

  2. Hi Jackie! I was planning on doing the Manaslu circuit with a friend, but something urgent came up and he can’t make it (need two foreigners for restricted permit). Are you still looking for a trekking partner? I was thinking of changing plans and doing Langtang. I land in KTM on the 22nd

    • Hey Melissa!

      I am still looking for a trekking partner!

      Are you still interested?

    • Hi Jackie! Sorry for the late reply, my phone wasn’t letting me respond to messages. I found a group for Manaslu. Enjoy your trek 🙂

  3. I am Juju , I would like to join you in this trek. I am Kathmandu citizen. I am going for ABC next month (trek starts 17 nov) but before that i want to go for lantang as well.

    • Hey Ju that would be great!

  4. Hey Jackie, I will be in Kathmandu on 22th and planned also a one week Langtang trek. As I come from Tyrol (Austria) I have also trekking experience. My plan is also to sleep in tea houses. So if u are interested just write me a private message.

    • Hey Marina! Would be great to hike together!

  5. Hey , cool I just arrived this evening so I’ll try to organszie myself tomorrow and to get the trekking permit until the 25.

  6. Hey,

    I know its really late, because you start tomorrow but i wanted to ask if i could still join your group? I planned another trip, but unfortunately this is cancelled. I do hiking at home (but don’t have experience with this altitude). Would love to join your group, if its not too late?

    Best Regards

    • Hey Ronja,

      I just landed in KTM and need to get my TIMS and bus plans sorted. I’m going to see if I can get it figured out tonight, but if not, I will be leaving the 26th. I’d love for you to join, but am a bit nervous if you haven’t hiked at altitude before. If you have issues or get sick/AMS do you feel comfortable turning around on your own? Likely you will be fine, but everyone reacts very differently and it’s difficult to know until you experience it.