Langtang Valley Trek

Hi guys!

We are two danish guys doing the Langtang Valley Trek starting some time in mid to end October.
Myself, Victor 26, have been trekking in Nepal since 2015 while my friend Danny is an experienced trekker having trekked throughout South America, but is facing the mighty Himalayas for the first time.

We already have a very trusted end amazing agency which I have trekked with several times and have close relations to.
Concerning the trek, we are very flexible in both the departing date as well as bringing a guide and porters or sharing private transportation costs if necessary. We would prefer bringing a local guide for the extra value it adds to the experience tho.

We would love some company, not only for the sake of sharing the costs, but also to share this the adventure and amazing experiences!

All the best from Victor and Danny



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