Langtang Valley Trek

Hello! I’m hoping to find a buddy to do the langtang valley trek or anything else that isn’t Annapurna or Khumbu (I already have those planned for April)
My dates are very flexible, I just need to be back in Kathmandu by march 23rd at the latest
A little about me- I’m a 22 yr old American girl taking a little travel hiatus (5 months) I’m currently volunteering at a community center in Kathmandu so give me a shout if you’re in the city as well
Trekking philosophy: Fun & relaxed woohoo mountains! But I’m also NOT a lazy bastard and have a good amount of experience doing backcountry treks



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  1. Hi Jillian!
    Your plans sound great!
    I” planning to do the langtang valley and the gosainkund lake as well. I have to be back around the 19th of march but I can start the trek earliest on the 27th of February…
    I’m from Germany and now in Nepali since 5 months.. i volonteered here as well and after I did an other trek in October I really want to do the next one before I leave Nepal
    What do u think? 🙂

    • Awesome – I just private messaged you my email and # look forward to talking with you!

  2. hello girls!
    I am planning to do the langtang trek too! I would like to go in the end of February!
    I am from Greece but i live in Kathmandu the last 3 months as an exchange student.
    I am always excited with new trips.
    Of course i am open to meet anytime.
    I hope to see you 🙂

  3. Anybody planning to go to Langtang-Gosainkunda for April is welcome to join.