Langtang Valley Trek


I am Vivek.

I plan to travel to Langtang or Goisankunda trek or both starting 31st December (I can wait till 1st of January).

I am in touch with a professional guide in Nepal. I contacted him after watching his Youtube videos, he looks friendly and knows the regions.

Guide will cost 25 USD per day which will include his food, accommodation, insurance etc. The guide will help us with the permits required.

I am looking for a partner/ partners for this trek, It will be fun!

– Vivek



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  1. Hi Vivek! I’m planning also to do trek in Langtang area. However, I don’t plan on having a guide since it’s well marked and we can get the permits at the beginning of the trek easily. Are you leaving from Katmandu on the 31st or from somewhere else?

  2. Hi Josée,
    I am reaching Kathmandu on 24th, December and I will be travelling around for 5-6 days and then start the trek from Kathmandu on 30th or 31st. I am fine with not having a guide.

    • Hi! I’m in Pokhara. Do you want to meet directly in Syabru Bensi?

  3. Hi,
    When are you planning to reach Syabrubesi?
    I am in Kathmandu now, I will be in Pokhara in a day or two.
    I am fine with meeting at Pokhara, Kathmandu or Syabrubesi.

    • I think we could meet first in Pokhara since you are coming here and we could decide together if we start on 30th or 31st. Write me in private where, when, time that we could meet, thanks!