Langtang Valley Trek

Hey there cool people,

I am planning on heading over and exploring the Langtang trek somewhere between 19 Nov 16 and 14 Dec 16. I was thinking of going for 10-14 days. From recent reports all the teahouses along the way are being rebuilt and the locals are very much in need of travelers to start coming back. It should be very uncrowded because everyone is over at ABC or Everest, leaving us with all the free space in the world! I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 15th Nov and plan on purchasing/renting gear and then head to Langtang. Looking for someone/s that are fun and free spirited and keen to have some decent laughs and general shenangians along the way. If any one knows what ‘Poi’ are (fire spinning prop), I’ll be bringing some along, so if you are a fellow spinner, bring your toys and lets jam. If you don’t, that’s sweet, I can teach you if you want 🙂 I’m not too sure how much it’ll all cost but I’d say less then $100USD. Entry to the park is roughly $30 per person, per entry. Plus food and shelter, will be a cheap trek.



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  1. It doesn’t make sense to go to Pokhara between Kathamandu and Langtang. Langtang is pretty much directly north of Kathmandu and Pokhara due west. And there are more rental options in Kathmandu than Pokhara anyway.

    • Yeah I mistakenly put down pokhara, before I realised that myself 🙂 Thank you for your imput 🙂

  2. Hi Emma, I am also planning to go on trek to Langtang and Gosaikunda area. I wanted to go there some months back when i was volunteering in Sindupalchwok for the victims of earthquake but i had to extend my time in Sindupalchwok so i couldn’t go there. And now i was planning to go there alone but its always cool to have a company of someone who is fun and friendly go get along with.
    By the way, i am a Nepalese and live in Kathmandu. So if you think language would be a problem especially in those rural areas, don’t worry 😉
    I just searched about Poi and looks cool and little dangerous haha. And i have never tried it, hope you’ll teach me 🙂
    If you think i can accompany you on trek to Langtang, it would be great.
    Meanwhile we can have conversation via other medium like email or social media.
    Let me know if i can join you in the trek 🙂

    • Hey it would be great to have you join me, feel free to add me on facebook and we can discuss the details 🙂 just search Emma Comatose and you’ll find me

  3. Hi Emma, I’ll be in Nepal for around 5 wks between 14th of Nov and 16th of Dec. I’m a trek virgin and my mate bailed on me so at this stage trekking solo. I’d be very keen for the langtang trek! Im pretty easy going and would be down with whatever.

    • Bummer about your mate bailing on you! Yeah I’m a trek virgin too, feel free to add me on facebook and we can discuss the details 🙂 Search Emma Comatose and you’ll find me

  4. Hi Emma,
    Im heading to do the Langtank trek on the 26th Nov, leaving Kathmandu on 26th. Your plans set yet?

    • Hey Ed,
      I was hoping to start on the 19th Nov as I’ll already be in Kathmandu, and don’t wanna hang around too long and don’t want to back track. Any chance you can start earlier?

      Emma 🙂

  5. Hi Em,

    I would like to hike the valley with you if you leaving on the 17th… if u can manage to depart early, that will be great. im leaving for the trek on 17 Nov..


    • Hi air, are you still planning about leaving on the 17th (that is tomorrow)? I will leave for Langtang the day after tomorrow, we could maybe meet? Sorry if i just write you now but I’ve been in a small village as a volunteer without conncection

  6. Hey, I hope you have landed safely today.
    I’m looking for a trek partner too, It would be fun if we could get along.

  7. Hello everyone! I am planning to leave for Langtang on November 18th, would it fit for you? I did the Annapurna circuit and now I would like to experience something less touristic I am now in Kathmandu, so maybe we could meet tomorrow to discuss this! Enjoy and let me know!