Langtang Valley Trek

Hi there, this will be my first time trekking in Nepal, I’ll be traveling solo so I would love to have some company with me. I’m 22, easygoing and reasonably fit.

I have already booked my trip with Nepal Eco Adventure, it will last a total of 8 days starting from April 27. You could check out their page for the itinerary. I can’t add links but they’re easy to google.

I’ll be arriving in Nepal in the evening of 24th April, I plan on checking out the area around Kathmandu before the trek. After the trek, on 4th May, I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet. Maybe bungee jump. I’ll be departing on the 8th. So if anyone wants to get together then or need company checking some place out, hit me up!



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  1. hey river,
    i am sandesh from kathmandu…i wanted to trek in langtang area…8 days of sheer adventure would be fantastic. so i think i will join u…as i am taking a break from my studies for few months we can go for other activities like rafting, bungy jum, etc as well….hoping to hear from u soon…cheers

  2. Hi River and Sandesh,

    I am Stifen from Singapore, I will be arriving on 24th evening as well and will be travelling solo. I am also planning to trek in langtang area and will be glad to find a trekking partner. Tentatively i am departing on 3 May, but i may consider changing my departure date.