Langtang Valley Trek

Hi, I’m looking for other people, for a group totaling 2 to 4 people, to trek Langtang valley and other treks in the area, possibly for up to 2 weeks. Also including the Tamang heritage trail. I am in the process of organising a guide and porter with a company that I did the Annapurna circuit with, and who I highly recommend. Am unsure of the trip cost at the moment, but I will be aiming for it to be as cheap as possible. Dates are also flexible.



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  1. Hi David,
    I am looking to do Langtang valley and combining it with Tamang heritage trail but want to do it independently as I had to get a guide for the Manaslu trek (no porter as I carried my own pack). Are you set on using a guide/porter? There is no need for either on Langtang Valley.

    • Hi Claudia,

      I haven’t booked a guide or porter yet, so am happy to trek independently, especially if it isn’t necessary. Would you like to trek together around the date that I’ve posted?

  2. hi david, it would be great to trek together! My phone number is 9803122758 but i am going on a meditation course from april 1 to 12 so i am not able to use a phone or computer! Is april 16th a fixed date for you? I should be able to be back in KTM by then but was thinking of spending two days in nagarkot and then take the bus to chisopanie to start the trek from theere via gosaikund lake to kyianjin gompa and then back to syabry bresi from where i would then start the tamang heritage trail! so april 16th or 17th would work for me!

    • Great! 16th or 17th would be ideal for me because I’ve recently booked a flight to India on the 2nd May, so I should aim to be back in Kathmandu on the 1st. My number is +917023929636 (indian sim). Best to catch me on viber or whatsapp. Funny that you’re doing a meditation retreat as I’ll also be doing one from the 4th till 14th. I like the sound of your plan, if we cant catch each other in Kathmandu, shall we meet at Chisopanie or Nagarkot?

    • Just thought, since neither of us will be available until a few days before the trek, that if you just tell me where you’ll be on say the 15th or 16th (whichever suits you) once you’ve finished your retreat and I can just meet you there! My email is if you find its easier to contact me that way

  3. Hi David,

    I am also thinking of doing the Langtang Valley trek, and combining it with the Gosainkund lakes and/or the Tamang Heritage Trail. Also I am thinking of similar times to set off and for the duration, perhaps a bit later as I only get to Nepal on the 13th. I like the look of the pace and I also have a shoestring budget.

    It would be cool to trek with you guys. Let me know what you think!


    • jaspal, david is not able to respond until the 14th, i just sent him a message to meet on the 15th at the tourist office to get trekking TIMMS or whatever we need for the trek and then we can leave early on the 16th or leave on the 15th for nagarkot to stay there at a homestay and from there to chisopani!

  4. Claudiua,

    Thanks for letting me know! Would be good to meet and discuss plans. What time are you two meeting outside the tourist office tomorrow?



    • hi, we meet at 11am, i think david sent you a message. the tourism board office is near the old bus park, about 20 min walk from thamel. we will leave tomorrow morning as david wants to be back earlier than he had planed. i will have time until around May 7th, so plan on doing helambu, langtang valley and tamang. c u at the office.