Langtang Valley Trek

Until the 20th of march 2015 I’am working in Kathmandu. After that I am planning to leave for the Langtang Valley trek (7-9days)
I’m looking for a small group/ trekking partner for the Langtang trek to share the experience and the fun of the trip with and to reduce the costs.
The starting date for me is flexible, somewhere between 21 and 23 of march.
Not sure at this stage about a guide but I am open for suggestions.
I speak Dutch and English and am very sportive. This will be my first trek in Nepal. I did guided-trekkings before in Latin-America.
If you are interested, please let me know and send me a message.



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  1. Hi

    I am spending a three weeks holiday in nepal and just came in yesterday. I am looking for a trekking partner like you. I am not sure if the annapurna sanctuary or the langtan intereste me more. I think they are both good and i go where i find company. I would rather start on the 21st. i am not sure about a guide. i dont need a porter. I asked an agency and they charged for him 23$ a day.

    I trekked several times. i did one alone in portugal for two weeks and the others are mainly overnight trips all around the globe.

    To myself : i am 26 and germany and speak english quite good. As u i guess .

    I am looking forward to here from you and hope we can work something out.