Langtang Valley Trek

Hi Guys,

I am planning to do a trek a long the Langtang trek.
Actually my plan was to already heading of the Shyapru on Sunday and start the trek on Monday.

I know it is quite short notice but maybe there are some people out there with the same plan and I would also not mind to start a day later that there is time to organize the Tims which is necessary for the Trip. (I already have one).

I haven’t really decided yet if I do the 10 or 14 day version, and I will do that on the way.

Please feel free to contact me and we could also meet up in Kathmandu beforehand. I am a friendly open minded person, likes to talk and listen and sit together in the evening to share stories or for a card game ect.

I already did a 28 day Trek so I think I could hold with an reasonable walking speed.

My Nepali number is 00977 9818811274.

Text, call or write me on Whatsapp

Hope to see you




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  1. Hey,
    ich habe gerade deinen Trip gesehen und bin auch in Kathmandu am planen für einen Trek.
    Bist du noch in Kathmandu oder schon los? Wenn du noch da bist lass uns doch am besten heute Nachmitag mal treffen um die Pläne zu besprechen.
    Meine Nummer ist 004917670713591 für Whatsapp. Mein Handy ist gerade leer, aufgrund der Stromausfälle hier, ich sollte aber bald wieder erreichbar sein.
    Bis dann